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Naming Force Pays you to Suggest Company Names

NamingForce Get Paid to Suggest Business Names

Naming Force is a website that helps new businesses to find a name for their business or company by holding naming contests. At the same time, you can get paid for suggesting company names.

When companies are stuck on what name to choose for their startup, they often consult Naming Force. The company holds a contest among its users to bring up a good name that is related to the client’s business. As a participant, you can use your creativity to come up with names that best suits the business; if your name gets selected you can earn a cash reward.

The company uses crowdsourcing to achieve good results for its customers. How it works is its taking feedback from a group of people and using it to achieve results for a purpose; in this case, choosing a brand name where the crowd is the members of the Naming Force.

In this guide, we will tell you to step by step on how you can set up your account on the Naming Force and start participating in their contests along with some helpful information.

How to Get Started on Naming Force

  1. Go to the main page of the website and on the top right corner, click on “Become a Namer” as shown in the picture below.namingforce main page
  2. Register yourself by filling basic credentials such as name, email, gender, etc. Once registered, you will have to wait for a period of three days before you can start participating in naming contests.namingforce register account
  3. On the contests tab, you will see all the available contests that are currently being held. On the right side of the list, the numbers shown are the number of submissions for the contest, and the left side shows the cash prize.
    From the list of contests, select the contest that interests you. The client will have provided a description for the business i.e purpose and type of the company, along with some helpful keywords that can help you think of a name.
    You can use that information to get a better idea of what type of company this will be and help you submit a suitable name.namingforce contests
    All new users begin with a zero score and are allowed to submit 2-3 entries per contest. But as you stay in the business, participate and win contests, your naming score will increase and so will your rank. This will allow you to avail more opportunities and participate in more contests and also increase your earnings.
    There are three rank levels on naming force:
    Cadets: These are the beginner participants with a score running from 0-24. Cadets can submit 2-4 entries per contest.
    Corporals: Have a score of 25-69 with a submission limit of 4-8 names per contest.
    Sergeant: These are the namers that are regular participants. They have a score above 70 with a submission limit of 8-15 entries per contest.

The Naming Force works in three phases

Phase 1:

Phase one lasts for 7 days in which participants have to come up with a company name. Namers can use the description and keywords provided by the client to come up with a name that best describes the business.

When choosing a name, you have to remember that the name you choose shouldn’t be an already registered brand name. Also, it shouldn’t have a .com domain for its website. One way to verify this is to search your name on a Domain Registration website and see if there are any brands of the same name in use. During the first phase, clients can accept or reject the name.

Phase 2:

Phase two works to filter out the many name suggestions that the Naming Force receives. The submitted names are voted through a market survey conducted by the company. The vote is blindly ranked.
Your username or rank is not visible to people while voting. Registered members and users can vote for a name as well. The naming force also uses an algorithm that determines the best names using the pattern of voting results. Once the results are filtered out, a list of the best-voted names is submitted to the client to choose from. This phase lasts for about 3 days.

During the voting process, you will get notified when your name is voted. If you see a star icon, it means that your name was liked by the client. However, the client can also later un-star the name when he or she is shortlisting the names. If you see a cross sign, it means your vote was rejected by the client in the voting procedure.

Phase 3:

This last phase lasts for 7 days, in which the client chooses a winner from the list of best names. The client pays you even if he or she is not using the name. In case the client is unable to choose a winner, the voting results will be used to announce the winner of the contest.

Payment Details

What’s great about naming force is that there isn’t a limit to earning. Your earnings depend on the contests you win and there is no limit on how many contests you can win; so you can participate and earn as many times as you want. The average pay is around $100 per contest. However, the pay rate is determined by the client and so it varies usually in a range between $50-$500. All payments are made via PayPal.


Naming Force allows you to get a chance at earning without requiring any experience, skills, or professional marketing background. All you need is creativity. You can earn an unlimited amount of money by winning contests and there is no daily work schedule.

However, it’s best to remember that winning in the Naming Force is hard, considering the number of names that are submitted for each contest that can reduce your chances of winning.

It may take a long while for you to win a contest for your submission, but as you gain more experience you will learn what kind of names the clients usually like. Therefore, Naming Force cannot be used as a way to earn regulated cash, but if you want to try your luck and get a cash prize once in a while, it is a good option.

It should also be noted that the naming force is only open for US citizens who are above 18.

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