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How to Make Money by doing Transcription & Captioning on Rev

make money by transcribing & captioning is an online company that hires freelance transcribers, captioners and translators from all over the world. Founded in 2010, the company is headquartered in San Francisco. The company basically offers its online transcription, captioning, translation and subtitling services to its clients across various industries. The company has its own online platform to hire freelancers across the globe and provide work opportunities.make money by transcribing & captioning


Rev has its online application open for all users from anywhere in the world. You can begin your application process at any time. As a freelancer, you can apply to all of the freelance jobs they provide. However, the company primarily recruits freelancers for captioning services. Here are the steps to help you get started:

  1. To sign up on their website, click HERE. Once you come to the freelancers page, scroll down to see the openings available and click Apply Now.make money by transcribing & captioning
  2. Once you have clicked on your chosen position, the next page will display an application form to start the application process. make money by transcribing & captioning
  3. After submitting your email, you will now start on your application form. It takes about 1 hr to complete the form which includes a short grammar and writing testmake money by transcribing & captioning
  4. After submitting the test, the next step is to learn how to caption. Rev will provide guidelines and instructional videos on how to caption, transcribe or subtitle a document.
  5. Now that you are done learning, the next step will be to familiarize yourself with the software. Once you’ve done that you have to give your captioning or translation test and your application will be complete.
  6. After a few days of your application  submission the company will email you, letting you know if you have passed or not.
  7. Once you are accepted, you can begin work immediately. Rev will take you to your workspace. Here you can see multiple projects you can apply to. Just click on the assignment you like the most. The assignment will show you how much they will pay for completion of the project. make money by transcribing & captioning


  • If you do not pass the test, you can re-apply in 6 months.
  • To start working on Rev you should have a good internet connection and preferably a headset.
  • Rev has a very flexible schedule and no time requirements. So you can work as much or as little as you want.
  • If you have claimed a file but you don’t feel like working on it, you can un-claim it within 1 hour.
  • And you need to be 18 years of age to start working on Rev.


Rev pays its freelancers through PayPal weekly. There’s no set pay rate as each file has a different rate according to its length. Though all the files rate range from $.40 to $.60 per minute. It can also be noted that a transcriptionist / captioner usually earns about $240 per month and the highest awarded money is $1500 per month.


Going through all of the website and its reviews, we have found out this website is highly credible. And its one of the better paying websites out there in this category. If you have more questions you can check out their FAQ’s page. In the mean time you can also check out a similar guide for online transcription.

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