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How to Sell Teaching resources on TeachersPayTeachers

sell teaching resources online is a great marketplace for Teachers and all those related to the Education sector. You can create, buy and sell all sorts of teaching resources to and from other teachers. The website was launched in 2006. It has grown very fast and has transformed into a very friendly community for Teachers and helps them collaborate and share resources with each other. The idea has proven very beneficial for teachers all over the world because it not only helps them create excellent teaching resources but also earn profits by selling them to other teachers. According to their statistics, they have paid more than $15,000,000 to teachers globally so far. There are two types of accounts on TPT, Buyer accounts and Sellers accounts. You can also get a premium account to earn more profits but it comes with a price.


How to Join TeachersPayTeachers

As we mentioned that you can register yourself as a Buyer or a Seller. We will be focusing on the seller part here. TpT has brought a great opportunity for those related to the Education industry to make money online by selling teaching resources to other teachers. You can create and sell all sorts of teaching resources but the most popular types are:

  • Lesson Plans
  • Unit Plans
  • Examinations
  • Quizzes and Feedback forms
  • Teaching guides
  • Worksheets

Of course you could be more creative and create other resources that could help teachers but they should strictly be related to the teaching domain. Any other resources won’t get accepted and your account could also get banned. So make sure what you are adding to your Store profile is something that can help the Teaching community.

How to Sell Teaching Resources

You can submit resources in different formats and file types. They include the most common document, presentations and images formats. What’s more interesting is that you could also start selling physical products even if they are used but again, you have to make sure that the stuff you are posting is related to education.

To submit physical teaching products, you have to upload their images and shipping of the items is totally your responsibility.

TpT will only be a means of transaction, otherwise shipping and handling of the items is under your hands. So it’s better to stick with the software based resources if you want to avoid all the shipment and handling issues. You can even sell videos and audios if you have created them yourself.

You must never ever sell any copyrighted material or you can get a ban immediately.

Adding and deleting products is very simple. After you create your account, you will be guided through the whole process with regular emails and guides that are available on their website. Here’s a snapshot of the sign-up page, make sure you sign-up for the right account.

teacherspayteachers signup options

You could get a Premium account too to get more profits for selling your items. But you will have to pay $59.95 for creating a premium account. So we suggest you start with Seller Upgrade account which is free and you can upgrade afterwards when it feels necessary. To start creating your account on the website click HERE.

Commission Structure

Their commission structure is very simple and fair for users. For Basic Seller Accounts, they offer a 60% royalty on gross sales on Teacher-created items. They will charge a transaction fees of 30 cents per transaction (which is nothing). For Premium accounts, they offer 85% royalty on gross sales and you will not be charged any transaction fees at all. You have the permission to post unlimited number of items. You can also share items for free to build up your reputation, so the choice is yours.

TeachersPayTeachers Payment Details

TpT has a very smart payment system to pay their members all over the world. They are currently paying though Paypal so make sure you have a paypal account before creating your account. They will ask you to submit your paypal id in the application form. There are no gaps between payments and you will always be paid on time.

Final Word offers a great opportunity for teachers from all over the world to earn some extra money by doing only what they are good at. Personally, we don’t believe you will be coming across such an opportunity elsewhere.

If you are a teacher or somehow belong to the education industry having some teaching experience then this website is a gold mine for you. You just need to bring you inner creativity to work. You can create teaching resources that could help other teachers anywhere in the world.

If you want more details on their program and how their system works then you should take a look at their Seller FAQs.

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  1. I was able to create an account on TeacherspayTeachers and i was able to do complete my first sale. Thanks for the detailed guide!

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