How to make money working as a Virtual Assistant on FancyHands

work as a virtual assistant on fancyhands

Fancyhands is an online virtual assistant company. Founded in 2010 in New York, the company provides virtual assistants to its clients for everyday tasks like Scheduling appointments, messaging, purchasing and such. Customers simply submit the tasks they want done via website, email, text or app. The company pays its virtual assistants per task. work as a virtual assistant on fancyhands


Seeing as FancyHands is a virtual assistance company, its employees aka assistants work from home, performing administrative tasks for clients. All you need to start off is a good internet and phone connection. What makes this a good platform for online working is the flexible work hours. A worker can chose to work for as many hours as they are comfortable with. To start working follow these steps:

  1. Start your application process by applying HERE.
  2. Next step is to download Google Chrome and sign up for Gmail. Once that’s done, click on Start Application Process button and sign in to Gmail.become a virtual assistant on fancyhands
  3. Next comes the aptitude test, which is just a quick questionnaire to test your basic grammar and administrative knowledge.become a virtual assistant on fancyhands
  4. After completing your test, you will be taken to the window below. It will take the company 1 to 7 days to process your application and make their decision. become a virtual assistant on fancyhands


Below are the requirements for becoming a virtual assistant at FancyHands:

  • You have to be based in the US and be a native English speaker.
  • Should have a laptop, a good internet connection, a headset and a phone connection.
  • You need to be comfortable to talk on phone and be able to browse the internet with ease.
  • Should know your way around apps like Google Docs, Google calendars and everything Google!
  • You should have good communication skills.


Fancy Hands pays its virtual assistants via Dwolla. The company pays its virtual assistants on the basis of tasks done. These tasks are priced in accordance with difficulty and time it will take to get the job done. The price of tasks varies from $3 to $7 per task. Each task takes about 15-20 minutes, thus making the pay structure fair.


  • The worker can define their own timings.
  • You can make a fairly decent income by working as many hours as you like.
  • The company provides growth, you can become a Mentor and get paid $.10 for every task you approve.
  • If you put in a little more effort, you can become an Assistant Operations Manger.


There are some negatives in working with FancyHands that you should be aware about.

  • Some tasks may be unreasonable and may take longer than 20 minutes.
  •  There might be some tasks that are more difficult or time consuming and are underpaid.


  • Fancyhands have also added another task that the virtual assistants can do, Purchasing. It allows the VAs to make purchases on the customer’s behalf. The company states that the VAs can purchase up to $2oo worth of items.
  • There are two types of requests/tasks the virtual assistants are to answer. The first being a standard request; which is a request that will be answered in 24 hours. And the second being a live request; where the assistant connects with a customer on text or web chat so that the request can be answered in a short time.


To sum up, Fancyhands is a credible company to work with. With its flexible hours, good pay, ease of work and growth opportunities we say its a great opportunity for those looking for work at home jobs. You can work part time or full time, whatever you choose. Either way, its legit!

If you have anymore questions regarding the article do ask us in the comments below. In the mean while do check out a similar topic on earning as a virtual assistant on LiveOps.

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