8 Legitimate Online Survey Websites that Really Pay

Legitimate online survey websites

We all have heard there are a few websites and apps that pay you to take surveys and share your opinions. But to how much extent is it true? In this guide we have identified a number of online survey websites that really pay you for sharing your thoughts on different subjects. We have made sure that all the websites we’re going to share are 100% legitimate and thousands of users have reported earning money from them. The credibility of the website has been assured by reading user reviews and checking company details. We are going to list them and share specific details about each one of them below:


Here’s the list of online survey websites and apps that we have shortlisted for our guide:

  1. SwagBucks
  2. InstaGC
  3. CashCrate
  4. Paid ViewPoint
  5. OpinionOutpost
  6. SurveySavvy
  7. Earn.gg
  8. PrizeRebel

List of Online Survey Websites

We are going to discuss each website and their features / payment information in detail. We are not going to rate the apps and that’s where you (the readers) come in. Please provide us your input about your experience in the comments so that other readers can benefit from it.


SwagBucks is by fat the most popular website among all survey websites of this category. It has been reviewed positive by most number of people and their pay rates are said to be better than other websites. The best thing about Swagbucks is they don’t only ask you to fill surveys. You get paid to search, watch videos, answer questions and even playing games. Doing all of those activities earn you points.

You can redeem those points for both gift cards and cash. Awesome right? You can also earn money by encouraging others to join Swagbucks through your referral link.

Swagbucks pays you in the form of gift cards or cash through Paypal. Sign Up for SwagBucks Here.


InstaGC is a similar website to SwagBucks and a very popular one too. Users have very good reviews and have reported earning a good amount of cash in a short time. InstaGC pays you to complete online surveys, watch videos, do shopping online and searching the web.

The only difference is that they pay you in the form of Gift cards and a few other payment gateways including Direct Deposit, eCheck and Paypal. A lot of people maximize their earning by joining multiple websites like these. This increases their chances of getting more paid opportunities. Sign Up for InstaGC Here.


Cashcrate is yet another website that pays it’s users to take online surveys. Their user interface is very simple and they encourage their users to socialize with each other by offering them rewards for their interactions. CashCrate pays its users to try free products, take surveys, do online shopping, bring referrals, interact with each other through user polls, participate in contests and play games.

Some users have reported that the number of offers available on Cashcrate are fewer than other popular websites in this domain. But you never know until you have tried it yourself right?

Their minimum payout is $20 and they process the payments on 20th of the following month. They pay through Dwolla, Check, Direct Deposit and Paypal. Sign up for CashCrate Here.

Paid ViewPoint

Paid Viewpoint is one of the most famous online survey websites in the world. Reason being that this website operates in all countries unlike other survey websites. They have a patented system for their website that involves a Trait score that every users has.

They offer users some personality based surveys and questionnaires from time to time that calculate your Trait score. On the basis of your Trait score you are offered survey opportunities. The number of survey opportunities you get depend upon your trait score. If it’s good you will get more opportunities and hence you’ll be able to earn more cash.

The minimum payment threshold you need to meet to get paid is $15. Once you request your payment you will be paid within 72 hours in your Paypal account. Currently they pay their users through Paypal only. Sign up for Paid ViewPoint Here.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is another user survey website that operates in the same fashion as Paid ViewPoint. Although they  only operate in United States. People from other countries cannot participate currently. Their mode of operation is very simple. They present you paid survey opportunities. You take those opportunities and share your opinions about specific products or services. Once you’re done you get compensated for each survey you complete. They like to keep things very straight forward.

They also enter you into a $10,000 lucky draw for being their member. The number of survey opportunities you get depends on your country location, your profile and your preferences. You may get a lot of opportunities regularly or you may not get a single invitation in a few days.

They pay users in the form of Gift cards or cash through Paypal. Sign up for Opinion Outpost Here.


SurveySavvy is a BBB accredited user surveys based company that provides opportunities for people all over the world to join their system and earn money. Their surveys mostly involve behavioral market research. Once you become a member you will be invited to participate in multiple studies from time to time. You will be compensated for each study you complete.

For US citizens they also have another offer that pays you $5 per month for installing their app on internet devices. You will also enter into a Super star contest entry that will pay you $500.

You can request a payment once you have accumulated $1 in your account. Payment is made by Check in USD. It will be mailed to your postal address. Sign up for SurveySavvy Here.


Earn.gg is a relatively new website that invites people to join their system and earn money by watching videos and doing simple tasks. It is a gamer-friendly community that pays you to join their Steam group and participate in games. You can also bet on games and win money.

Honestly, if you want to earn money for doing almost nothing this is the app for you. You just need to play the videos available to you and you will earn points. Those points will convert into real cash. They have their own points-to-money conversion system. For 200,000 points you will get $2 and so on. You can do the math.

Earn.gg pays in the form of gift cards, CSGO skins and even Bitcoin currency. Users have reported earning $0.50 per day on average. Sign up for Earn.gg Here.


PrizeRebel is another website that was launched in 2007 and has been operating successfully since then. Users earn money by participating in free surveys and sharing their opinions. They claim to have paid around $14 million to their users since their start. They have an active community of more than 7.2 million members.

Their  system works like other popular survey based websites. You can earn points to share your opinions and then you can convert those points to cash. You can redeem your points in the form of Gift cards or direct cash in your Paypal account. Sign up for PrizeRebel Here.

We also recommend checking out SurveysWonk.com. They post very helpful reviews about Surveys based earning websites. Those reviews can help you determine whether joining a particular website would be worth it or not. They also share credible ways for earning money online from time to time.

The above listed websites are the most popular and the most credible websites that we were able to discover. We encourage our readers to try them out and share your reviews with us.

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  1. In my opinion, no company pays for online surveys.
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    I did not enter an incorrect CAPTCHA answer. 🙂

    1. You cannot be sure until you try it. The websites that we have shared actually pay. I suggest signing up for anyone of them and go through with it. We would really appreciate your opinion after you have tried it.

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