How to Join as a Freelancer and Search for Jobs on TheFreelancerClub

Join as Freelancer on TheFreelancerClub and search for jobs

The Freelancer Club was set up by Matt Dowling and Nina Malone, two freelancers who felt there was a major lack of support in the freelance community. Both had very successful freelance careers despite not having any support or resource when they started out. They attribute their success to the generosity of others and a lot of luck. The Club offers creative freelancers access to paid jobs (they don’t post unpaid work), an online profile to showcase their portfolio, networking opportunities online, access to events, masterclasses, discounts, freelance articles, free business and legal advice and a bunch of other resources to help support freelancers. Aside from all the practical help, there is so much value being apart of a community that supports one another.

Join as Freelancer on TheFreelancerClub and search for jobs

“Many new freelancers don’t have the time or money to make mistakes the way we did when we started out. It’s a very competitive industry and the cost of living makes it’s really tough during the first year particularly. We set up The Freelancer Club to offer support to those who feel lost, lonely, or frustrated in their freelance lives. We know how that feels.” – Matt Dowling, Founder


The Freelancer Club cater to photographers, videographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, models, designers, fashion stylists and graphic designers. If you’re involved in content creation or provide a creative service to the private sector, you’re most likely covered.

The Freelancer Club features freelancers at all levels. Aspiring or new freelancers are able to upload their portfolio, receive feedback from senior members, access test shoots (collaborative photo shoots to build a portfolio), receive essential business advice and a bunch of useful resources ideal when starting out as a freelancer.

Established freelancers can access unlimited paid work, free business advice, access to all other members, feature higher on the freelance directory, entry to exclusive events, expert business guides, legal advice and much more. Pro Members can also offer mentor services to aspiring freelancers, a great way to pass on expertise to the next generation. This sharing community aspect of The Freelancer Club is what really makes it stand out from the rest of the freelance sites out there.


It takes seconds to sign up as a member and minutes to complete your profile. Upload your portfolio, add your social media links, website and bio then you’re good to go.You can sign-up from HERE.

There are 3 types of membership.

  • Aspire (free) that allows you to post and apply to test shoots (TFP). It also lets you access some resources, receive free business advice and showcase your work.
  • Starter Membership allows you to apply to paid work under £250. It lets you set up galleries, in-mail members, download guides or contracts, freelance discounts card and business advice.
  • Pro Membership provides unlimited access to paid jobs and everything else including free entry to events and other exclusive benefits.

Once your profile’s done, you can start to really explore the site.


Whether you’re ready to apply to high level jobs or you wish to add more quality work to your portfolio via a test shoot, the jobs board has an array of opportunities for freelancers of all levels.


One of the most valuable aspects of The Freelancer Club is the ability to connect with others in the industry. Particularly as it’s such a collaborative sector, it’s an amazing way to meet talented creatives you would not normally get to work with.


Freelancer Club members can upload their work to the Latest Projects page. It’s a curated space seen by hundreds of employers, magazines, and freelancers. Simply uploading new work could help you land your next job or see your image in print.

If you’re a freelancer, feeling lost, frustrated or lonely, there’s a community ready to embrace you. Join The Freelancer Club to claim your freelance profile now and start doing more of what you love.

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About the Author: Denise Hilton

Denise Hilton is a professional career counselor and an IT professional specializing in Freelancing, E-commerce and Online job platforms.

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  1. Great site. I’ve been a member for over a year and love the community vibe. I’ve met most of my industry contacts through the site and pick up the odd job too.

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