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Brainmass Review: Become an online Academic Expert

Earn online as Academic Expert on Brainmass is a website portal that helps all types of students including school, college, undergraduate and graduate students with their studies and courses. This Brainmass review will explain all the details of becoming an academic expert. Students have to become a member of the website to gain access to all the expert resources. Resources include e-books, video lectures, tutorial documents and special help service for students to solve their specific problems. Students can simple search their libraries and find all the resources there. Brainmass is not only beneficial for students but also for teachers and experts to do some online teaching and earn some money as well.


How does Brainmass work

Brainmass encourages teachers and academic experts from all over the world to share their expertise with the students and earn a steady income in return. You are qualified to apply as an Academic expert if you have obtained a Graduate level degree i-e Masters or PhD degree. Undergraduates are not eligible to apply as an Academic expert. There are 3 types of services that Brainmass provides to its students and Experts can earn by providing those 3 services:

  1. Custom Help: Students can post specific problems and questions to get them solved by Academic experts. Brainmass charges $4.87 from student to post a problem. When Academic experts post a solution to those questions, they are eligible to receive 25% of the revenue that Brainmass receives.
  2. Brainmass E-books: Academic experts can upload e-books and tutorial documents relating to any subject. Students have to pay $1 to download those documents and the experts earn a share in revenue.
  3. Solutions Library: Brainmass has a Solutions Library which has thousands of previous questions and answers posted by students and Academic experts. Students can request those solutions for $1 and the experts earn a share in revenue.

Once you apply as an Academic expert, you will given some resources to get familiar with the system. You will be then entered in a quiz to evaluate your understanding of the system. Then depending on your result, you will have to submit your Educational documents. Once your documents are verified you will most probably be approved to work as an Academic expert.

To register as an Academic Expert please click on this LINK.

Brainmass Payment Details

Brainmass pays their Academic experts through Paypal or Cheque on the 15th day of the following month. The minimum threshold for requesting a payment is $75. New experts are paid 60% of the credit value received by Brainmass. When an expert has posted more than 10 solutions, Brainmass will start paying 70% of the credit value.

Brainmass Review: Final Word

Brainmass is a great portal for people who have completed their Graduation. Also those who are looking for Part-time teaching work are also good candidates. Personally i don’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t give it a try. It’s something that you can do at your own leisure and you will be earning good bucks out of it. It is a great opportunity especially for educated women who have to spend most of the time at home taking care of their children. They can easily earn a steady income by sharing their knowledge with students.

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