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PeoplePerHour Guide: Earn money as a Freelancer

Earn online as freelancer on PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a UK based website that enables users to earn money as a Freelancer by advertising freelance opportunities for both Buyers and Sellers. Buyers are those people who are in need of Freelancing services and they require someone to do the task for them. Sellers are workers who offer their services in exchange for some income. Sellers can directly apply for the jobs that buyers have posted or Buyers can contact them directly. The company was founded in 2007 and they have offices and London and New York. Upwork is also one of their strong competitors.

Earn money as freelancer on PeoplePerHour

How to Join PeoplePerHour

Signup for a Seller account on PeoplePerHour from HERE.

Since we are only interested in the Seller part of this website so we will discuss how it actually works. Sellers are the freelance workers who want to sell their services in order to get paid. People per hour has a huge Database of Sellers who belong from all over the world and they work on regular basis to complete the projects that Buyers have posted.

How to sell your Services

Now there are three ways for Sellers to sell their services:

  1. Building up profile

    Building up profile means Build your profile to such an extent that the Buyers can find you easily and offer you a job. Now this is not as easy as it sounds. To build a profile you need to fill it up with all the information that you can possibly gather related to your freelance career. You actually have to impress the Buyers enough so they feel comfortable in offering you a job. To build you profile you need to Fill your complete profile, add photos and share your previous work experiences. PeoplePerHour has a ranking algorithm in place which ranks your profile and the better the rank is, the more chance that buyers will come to your profile and end up offering you a job. Now as you earn on different projects, your rank will improve thus exposing you to more opportunities.

  2. Propose Directly also allows the Sellers to send direct proposals to Buyers on a job that is listed. To do that you need to search for your relevant jobs on daily basis and start sending proposals to the ones you think you can complete easily. Now there’s a limit to the number of proposals that you can send. You can send only 15 proposals in a month. That means that you have to be very careful about who you are sending a proposal to. Try to pick the easiest jobs in the start and create great proposals to minimize the chances of rejection.

  3. Hourlies

    Hourlies is a unique feature that has introduces for sellers. They are basically jobs that are posted by the sellers based on their skills. For example if you’re good at Logo designing, you can post an Hourlie which you can explain how you can design a logo for anyone for this much amount. You can add samples, photos and descriptions of your previous work to convince the Buyers with your skills. Hourlies is a quick way to earn money and the more popular your Hourlie gets, the more chances you will get more orders from Buyers. So make sure you take advantage of this great opportunity.

To stat working as a Seller follow this LINK.

PeoplePerHour Payment Details pays the sellers through Paypal or Bank Account. To withdraw your earnings, you have to go to the Payment section and use the Withdraw Funds link. You can choose to withdraw money to either your Paypal or your Bank account. takes 1 working day to process the payment. To find more about how much time does it takes for banks and the fees associated with them please follow this LINK.

Final Word is a great website for those who are searching for some online work. Whether you have been doing freelancing before or not i believe you must give it a try. They have a very smooth structure for growth so even if you start fresh, you can get to the maximum level and get the maximum exposure. Make sure you start with easy and small jobs in the start to build up your profile. Hourlies is also a great feature which every one should take advantage of. You can highlight your skills and get good money for making use of them. So if you want to do some freelancing and earn online this is a really good place to start.

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