How to earn money as a freelancer by joining FreeeUp

Earn money as freelancer by joining Freeeup

Many freelancers struggle with launching their careers online not because there is a lack of platforms offering worker signups, but because of the plethora of confusing options available. It can be fairly hard to earn money as a freelancer with so much competition on a global level. Some portals are free while others offer trials only or reserve the best features for premium accounts. Others cater to a limited market while others are worldwide but lack protections for remote workers. Many have a lot of members but require hours and hours of sifting through job postings.

Earn money as freelancer by joining Freeeup

Today we are presenting this guide for worker signups on a very up-and-coming online hiring platform called FreeeUp. This freelancer hub has been around for only a couple of years, and yet it has already amassed a pool of about 400 reputable freelancers and thousands of clients. The reason is free worker signups, a fast hire mentality, straightforward timely payments, and a full support team.

Earn money as freelancer on FreeUp


FreeeUp – yes, that’s three “E”s – is a remote hiring platform based in Florida that caters to clients worldwide. The hub also accepts applicants from all over the world. The third “E” in the name stands for Ecommerce. While FreeeUp focuses on online retail and other web-based businesses, it does offer a wide range of services to other business owners and even private individuals who just need a hand taking care of a few things. FreeeUp aims to help business owners free up their time by providing pre-vetted workers with specific skill sets, and conversely, to help freelancers free up their time as well by eliminating the hassles and risks associated with taking on remote work.


FreeeUp’s unique value proposition is that it does all the legwork. Freelancers can stop wasting time and energy searching and use their full resources to provide the best results for clients and further their careers. Freelancers can find all kinds of work on the platform, and plenty of it. From full to part time and project-based to long-term work, and all with the FreeeUp guarantee of payment for hours worked.

FreeeUp bills hourly on all projects and does not support jobs on a one-time payment basis. Freelancer feedback for this platform has been consistently positive since its launch in 2015. The ratings have increased steadily and substantially to date. Client feedback has also been consistently good. You can find contractor reviews and comments on Glassdoor, and a combination of both on the FreeeUp Facebook page, WebRetailer, and Google.


A lot of freelancers moan and groan about having to submit so many requirements and filling up so many forms before they can even begin to look at job postings. The FreeeUp website focuses on the ease of client signups, but the process for worker signups is just as hassle-free. Worker signups consist of providing basic personal details, skill sets, and a resume or CV – that’s it.


Go to and click “Apply to be a Worker”.

Worker Signup


Fill up the online form with your details, upload your resume, and answer a few questions.

Worker Form


Once you have submitted the form, FreeeUp reviews your information and will contact you to schedule an interview.

You may be wondering why there is an interview process when most other platforms require documentation rather than one-on-one Q&A sessions. FreeeUp is a very hands-on platform unlike the usual job post sites. They want to make sure that they establish and maintain personal contact with all their freelancers. They also have a strict vetting process which means that they want to be able to verify worker skills and setups to assure clients of the best possible experience.

The recruitment process at FreeeUp is therefore a bit longer than most, comprising three stages, but is a one-time-only process:

  1. Preliminary Interview – Questions on basic skills, Internet access, and what you would expect to find during any interview are sent to an applicant with responses expected within a defined timeframe.
  2. One-On-One Interview – The personal interview aims to get a feel for applicants. It allow them the chance to also see whether they find FreeeUp as a good fit for them.
  3. FreeeUp Guideline Test – This test is specific to the platform and tests applicants on their understanding of policies and best practices that FreeeUp upholds.

Fast Hire

FreeeUp claims rank as the fastest job placement platform on the Internet. Once you pass all three recruitment levels, you will become a part of the community of freelancers. All accepted contractors can select their desired rates and apply for or reject any jobs offered according to their skills and preferences.

As a FreeeUp contractor, you will have access to a pool of thousands of clients that have already signed up. FreeeUp is a fast-hire company, so the competition for grabbing the best jobs can be tough. If you have the skills and you are attentive to job posts. However, you can get your first client on the same day – or indeed the same hour.

Once matched with a client for a job request, a freelancer will then go through another, much shorter process:

Client Interview – Matches will meet with a client for a short interview – not to exceed 15 minutes – to discuss details, arrange work schedules, and get to know each other a bit. The client must decide at this point whether to look at other workers or make the hire.

Client InterviewClient Hire – Once a client is satisfied with the results of the initial interview, a FreeeUp contractor is hired with a single click and work begins. If a client is unsure, a test project may start to get a sampling of work quality. At FreeeUp, all agreed upon test projects are eligible for payment.

Client Hire

Worker Login – Contractors log in to their worker accounts through a user-friendly interface where they can track hours and details of tasks worked for their clients. All payouts are recorded and paid through a transparent internal platform. The payment gateway options are Paypal or Payoneer.


Worker Perks

FreeeUp has been praised for the volume of work that it has available for freelancers, its fair treatment and protection of remote workers, the team environment its culture promotes, and the support that the team reliably supplies, among other benefits. FreeeUp openly offers freelancers the opportunity to earn their desired, competitive wage rates and secure long term positions.

The company maintains an equal opportunity hiring policy and offers freelancers chances to develop new skill sets through new positions. Even positions within FreeeUp itself as part of the internal team that helps grow the company.


All contractors in the FreeeUp network have the bonus advantage of earning additional fees through the referral program. Freelancers can easily supplement their incomes in this manner by referring both clients and workers to the platform. Since FreeeUp operates on an hourly basis, referrals are computed as a dollar value on the number of hours billed or worked by referrals, as the case may be.



Apply on FreeeUp

Worker signups are open 24/7 at FreeeUp, and you can opt to either upload your info directly on the website or email your resume to You only have something to gain by taking two minutes to pass on your portfolio to the FreeeUp team.

Do you know of other awesome freelancer portals that have made your remote work life a breeze? Let us know so that we can spread the word.

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