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Google’s Task Mate App Lets you Earn Cash for doing Small Tasks

With so many money-making apps available to users nowadays, why should Google stay behind? Google has recently launched a new app called Task Mate that let you earn cash for small tasks.

In case you didn’t know, Google has another app called Google Opinion Rewards that offers short surveys to users and awards them in the form of Playstore credits.

The new Google Task Mate app is quite different in the way that it awards its users “real cash”. Currently, the app has been launched for testing in India and Kenya. However, it will soon be available in other countries.

What is Task Mate?

Google Task Mate App lets you earn cash for doing short and simple tasks. The tasks belong to a number of categories including:

  • Field Tasks: These tasks involve performing tasks like taking pictures or visiting certain places for Google maps etc.
  • Sitting Tasks: The users can choose to do either indoor tasks such as recording sentences, translation, and transcription, etcGoogle Task Mate Online Tasks

The purpose of these tasks is to help improve Google’s search results and speech.

The tasks can be completed at any time and there’s no time limit to it. Users can choose which tasks to work on and which ones to skip. If a user finds it difficult to work on a particular project, they can easily skip it and move on to the next one. The user interface is very intuitive and gets you up and running within no time.Google Task Mate Tasks

How to Install Google Task Mate App

Google has informed its users that Task Mate is a beta app and is still in the works. Apparently, they are trying to to make it more accessible and offer more earning opportunities through crowdsourcing. You can easily download the app from Google Play Store.


Since the app is only live for a limited number of people, users need an invitation or a referral code to sign up and make an account. Google has informed its users that the app is available to a selected number of testers at the moment.

This means that for now, the app isn’t available for everyone and is still in its testing phase. So to start, users need to have a referral code to start earning.

Payment Details

Google Task Mate pays it’s users through an e-wallet in the app or a Google registered payment processor. According to the app details, users can earn a minimum of $0.20 for 10 small tasks. The money depends on the kind of task done and the level of the user as well.

The best part about this app is that Task Mate pays its users in their local currency. The app requires a minimum of $10 to cash out your earnings. Simply click on the Cash Out button on your profile page to withdraw your earnings.Google Task Mate Payment Details

Important Things to Remember

  • It’s important to provide your demographic information, as it will be used to provide relevant tasks for you.
  • Task Mate has different levels of the task, so remember to complete them as accurately as possible to avoid accuracy drop. If your accuracy drops, your profile will be negatively affected.
  • Some tasks that you apply for may require specific skills. To apply for the them, users have to answer some questions before proceeding.
  • To get more opportunities, make sure to to keep a consistent performance.

There’s no information about when this app will be available in other countries. If you have tested this app, comment down below and let us know how your experience was and what can we expect from it.

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