How to Earn Money by Teaching Languages Online on ITalki

earn online by teaching language

Italki is an educational website that connects language learners with teachers across the web. It is basically an online market place for students and teachers interested who want to learn and teach a foreign language. Founded in 2007, the website is headquartered in Shanghai, China. It is a platform having more than 2,000,000 language learners and the website boasts over 1000 teachers and 2000 tutors per language. Impressive right? This guide is based on the the teaching feature, not the learning one. So here we will focus on how to earn money by teaching languages online with Italki.earn online by teaching language


The process of joining Italki as an online teacher is fairly simple. Join the website as a professional teacher or a native tutor. Upload the necessary documents and once accepted, start building your profile to enroll language students. When applying to become a teacher, do remember to have the necessary things; a stable internet connection, VOIP software (Skype, Facetime etc), a microphone and a webcam.

Here are the steps to becoming a teacher:

  1. First step is to register yourself HERE and then click on Start Teaching.
  2. Once you have gone through registering via Facebook, click on I’m not looking for a teacher button.
  3. You will now be taken to your dashboard, where you can check out various options. But since you want to become a teacher, so scroll down to the footer of the page and click on Become a teacher on italki.
  4. In the next step you will be taken to a page on your dashboard where you have two choices. Either to become a Professional Teacher or a Community Tutor. Remember, when becoming a Professional Teacher you need to show certain documents as proof. Being a professional teacher you will be able to earn more but remember, you will have to submit your documents that validate your previous professional teaching experience. You also have to upload any certifications that you have received in your career. If you have little or no teaching experience then you should apply fr Community tutor.
  5. Now that you have selected what kind of teacher you want to become, you can send you application by clicking this button.

That is the final step of the application. Now its up to the italki team to process you teaching application. Once you’re application is processed you will receive an email confirmation about your application status, which is decided based on the quality of your application profile. Meanwhile you can also check out 8 websites for teaching English  where you can earn money by working as an online tutor.


Italki pays you by converting credits called ITC into US dollars. Where 10 ITC is equal to $1. The company pays you through PayPal, Skrill, Alipay and Bank Transfer. And you can cash out your earnings twice a month.


italki is a legitimate website to start making money online. Being a teacher on italki is also quite rewarding because; you can choose your own students, how you plan your lesson and your schedule as well. Unlike schools, you have full freedom to take classes whenever you find convenient. Basically its a low-stress way to gain more experience and build your career in the field of teaching.

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