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How to Teach and Earn Money as an Instructor at Udemy

teach and earn money tutor udemy is the greatest marketplace for online learning where teachers and students from all over the world meet and collaborate to produce the best online learning and teaching experience. Approximately 3 million students have currently joined the system and are taking classes regularly on this website. And there are more than 18000 courses available on the website to attend. All the courses are available on-demand and students can take lectures at their own leisure. So it’s a great platform for students and teachers both to join.

How to join Udemy

We will skip the student part here and only discuss the Instructor part since we are interested in making money. Anyone who is familiar with the primary and high school education system and has a bit of teaching experience can become an instructor at Udemy and can start reaching thousands of students right away.

All you have to do is join the system and start creating a course. Creating a course won’t be hard since Udemy provides so many Teaching tools that will make the Course creating procedure a cake for you. You might as well enjoy the process.

You simply have to drag, drop and type and Udemy will do the rest of the job to make it presentable and look like a course. In fact, they offer a separate FREE course on how to create a course at Udemy. You can view it HERE.

Then you will have Course management tools to manage your courses, your lecturers, and students. There are so many features that you can make use of to create the most wonderful online teaching experience for students. There are 4 steps involved if you want to start earning money online as an instructor:

  1. Plan your course
  2. Create the contents of the course
  3. Publish your online course
  4. Promote your online course

For these steps, Udemy provides many tools for you to do it all very easily. Udemy also provides a Course creating checklist which you should always keep with you when creating a course. You can access it HERE. Meanwhile to join the Udemy website as an Instructor click HERE.

Requirements for Becoming an Instructor

There are some requirements associated with being an instructor and creating a course. Those requirements are:

  1. Every course should contain at least 30 minutes of content with 60% video content.
  2. The course must have a proper structure with complete learning objectives.
  3. The audio and video of the course should be very clear and High-definition.

Please don’t feel like you’re stuck here. Once you have taken the Course creation tutorial course, it will be a piece of cake for you to design a course and start teaching it.

Udemy Payment Details

For all the students that you bring to your course, you will keep 100% of the revenue. However, for every student that Udemy brings to your course by their own efforts, you will get 50% of the revenue and Udemy will take the rest. I don’t see how it’s not fair. After all the facilities Udemy is providing I think it’s a pretty good deal. To see more details on the revenue structure click HERE.

Now how much you earn depends on the number of students attending your course and also the Fees that you have set. Most of the courses on Udemy cost between $29 to $99. And some teachers set their limit from $10 to $30.

I’d suggest keeping the fees low on your starting course to get familiar with the system and improve your teaching skills and then as you progress, you can keep increasing it. It will also depend on the quality and quantity of the course that you are creating, so be wise and change it accordingly.

Udemy pays through Paypal. So if you don’t have a PayPal account then get one before applying as an Instructor.

Final Word is the best source for qualified people to teach students and earn a nice big income. It may take some time to get familiar with the system and start teaching effectively. Especially for those people who are qualified but don’t have a job and are looking for part-time work to make some earning, this is the best opportunity for them. Just create your course and start promoting it on social media, forums, and blogs because the more students attend your course the more money you will be able to make from it.

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2 thoughts on “How to Teach and Earn Money as an Instructor at Udemy”

  1. This is a goldmine. I never knew this existed before I met upon it here. The fees are kind of high though but I guess that’s the price you pay for using their platform and the excellent marketing.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Julia. Actually there is no fees involved if you’re creating a course as an instructor. I think you may have mistaken it with the Subscriber account. If you want to create a course as an instructor it’s absolutely free. You can read their FAQs regarding this:

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