Here’s how you can Create your own Video Selling Website with Uscreen

How to sell videos with Uscreen

Uscreen is a Video on Demand (VOD) platform and service provider that enables individuals and companies to sell videos online. The company was launched in 2012 by PJ Taei and their headquarters are located in Washington DC. It’s a relatively new but established platform that has grown more than 1000 customers worldwide. They claim that they are the first video platform to introduce its own billing system. The company’s customers have benefited from their platform greatly and have seen a huge increase in profits. That’s why we have chosen to write a guide about this amazing platform that holds the potential to generate great profits for video creators.



Before we delve into the diverse features of Uscreen we need to understand what the platform really does and why is it good for you. Basically Uscreen helps you create your own video selling platform that can be both sale based and subscription based. More than 80 percent of their customers use the platform to sell their video subscriptions online. This model has proven to be extremely successful for video creators because it allows unlimited number of users to subscribe to your videos. You can have your own branding for your video store. Think of it as your own Youtube. The difference is you only make money with Youtube through Google ads. You cannot sell your videos directly from Youtube.

So for example; if you have created a bunch of videos about cooking Pasta and want to sell them online, what Uscreen can do for you is provide an easy to use platform to create your own Video streaming website. Then you can choose to sell your videos through subscriptions. If for example, you have set a subscription price of $20 for your video tutorial course for cooking pasta and 100 users subscribe to your video course, you will potentially earn 100 x 20 = $2000 profit from your videos. Here’s a video that explains the concept and working in detail:

You can upload any media to their platform in minutes including video, audio, PDFs, text documents, Live streams, Webinars etc. Anything that you want to sell online can be setup in a few minutes. That’s the power Uscreen holds for you.

Now moving on to the step-by-step instructions on how to get started, follow the steps explained below:

  1. Signup for your account on Uscreen. You can sign up for a free trial through this LINK.
  2. Once you have created your account, login with your credentials to see your Dashboard. It looks like this:
    Uscreen dashboard
  3. As you can see in the snapshot, it’s a friendly one-click interface that lets you get started with uploading videos through your dashboard. They also have detailed tutorials that you can read to get a thorough understanding of the system. Or you can watch the Getting started Video right from the Dashboard. Here you also have an option to view your generated revenue, visitors & sales summary in your dashboard.
  4. The next step is uploading videos that you want to sell through your personalized video streaming website. Click on the “Upload your videos” option where you should see the wizard as shown below:
    Uscreen upload videos
  5. Clicking on the Upload Video button will allow you to browse your computer or sync videos from your online cloud storage. Once the video is uploaded you can edit it to set your own Preview image for the video and add subtitles. It’s as simple as that.
  6. The next thing that you can do is set pricing options for your videos. You can do this by clicking the $ icon in the left menu. Then click New Offer. You can configure 4 types of offers for your videos namely:
    1. Subscription Offer (Sell your videos based on subscriptions)
    2. Fixed price Offer (Sell your videos for a fixed price)
    3. Rental Offer (Pay-per-view)
    4. Freebie (Free videos)
      Uscreen offers
  7. After creating offers for your videos, you can start customizing your Video selling portal / website. Uscreen offers a number of attractive themes that you can use for your website. You can customize each and every aspect of your video website including styles, colors, sliders, navigation, pages etc. Their interface is very intuitive and you can change the look and feel of your website with simple clicks.
    Uscreen themes
  8. You can also view the analytics for your videos from your Dashboad by clicking on the Analytics button from the left menu. Here are the different types of statistics you can view:
    1. Video Reports
    2. Sales Reports
    3. Coupons Reports
    4. Affiliate Reports
      Uscreen analytics
    5. In the Settings menu you can set your Store name, Logo, E-mail $ company address, Terms of service, User registrations options, Domain setup, Payment gateways and E-mail templates. You can choose to use your own website domain name for your video selling portal or you can use the company’s free sub-domain i-e
    6. Payment gateway settings are very important because that’s how you are going to enable users to pay for your videos and how you will receive your money. To configure the Payment gateway settings, click on the Connect Gateway option under the Payments menu in Settings. You can configure any of the three available payment gateways including Paypal, Stripe and Braintree payments. All of them allow you to accept credit / debit card payments from your customers.
      Uscreen payment gateways
    7. Lastly, to finally view your Video store you can click on the Show Store button icon in the left menu at the bottom. This will display your complete video store as a website with all the setting and styles you configured earlier.

That’s how simple it is to create your own Video streaming store within minutes. That’s how quickly you can establish your online Video selling business. You only need to market your website on the right platforms after setting it up.

Uscreen Pricing Options

Uscreen does not charge any commissions from your sales and subscriptions. Their business model is very simple. They only charge a small fee per month starting from $99 per month. The pricing depends on the number of subscribers you want for your videos. For $99 you will be able to have a maximum of 200 subscribers. If your business start growing beyond scope you can always upgrade your membership to support unlimited number of subscribers which will cost you $399 per month.

Uscreen pricing options

The Pro plan is a mediocre option that allows a maximum number of 1000 subscribers. It totally depends on your preference and budget for choosing the most suitable pricing option.

Most successful customers of Uscreen

Some of the Uscreen customers are earning thousands of dollars per month by selling their videos. The most successful model is the subscription model, where users can subscribe to watch your videos for a small fee. Here are a few of the top video sellers that are using Uscreen:

  • is generating over $50,000 per month in profits for their subscription based videos. They have a good number of video series available on their website and thousands of customers have subscribed to their videos. They teach how to do magic tricks.
    Totalimmersionacademy is making over $35,000 per month by selling their video tutorials related to swimming techniques.
  • has grown more than 3,000 subscriber in just three months and are earning thousands of dollars every month. They teach choreography through their video tutorials.
  • is generating more than $10,000 profits every month by selling dog training videos through their website.

These are some of the most successful examples of Uscreen customers who took the initiative and built their video stores using Uscreen’s platform. You can easily join their ranks by leveraging this amazing platform. All you need is some creativity and consistency. If you’re good at creating videos and other kinds of media that you think others might be interested in then we recommend this platform.

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