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Blind Applying program allows students to apply and get hired worldwide

Many of you may have seen many cases where people believe that they are not able to get good jobs just because they are from a difference race or a different ethnic background and other people who come to know about such incidents get discouraged and. It is a general perception that applying for a job in a different country is a bad idea and there is very little chance of getting hired. However, a global recruiting agency known as Entrypark accepted the challenge and recently launched a campaign called Blind Applying which allows people to apply for jobs from anywhere in the world and get selected without any discrimination.The idea was greatly appreciated during their first presentation at PotentialPark’s Future Forum and top employers like Deutsche Telecom immediately partnered with them to turn the project into success.

Get hired with EntryPark Blind Application Program

What is Blind Applying program?

The initiative taken by EntryPark and Deutsche Telekom has been transformed into a complete new form of hiring process known now known as Blind Applying. Blind Applying enables students and job seekers from all over the world to apply for internships from 18 leading employers who have supported and partnered with the program. They claim to hire people irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds and personal preferences and only giving weight-age to talent and qualification. The employers include Accenture, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Post DHL, Allianz, EMC, BASF, Orange, EY, Bayer, Gebr. Heinemann, Merck, Munich Re, Bertelsmann, Evonik, Rhode&Schwarz, Daimler AG, Fresenius and ThyssenKrupp. They have all become part of this great program and intend to change the hiring trend globally by hiring motivated and talented individuals from all over the world in all fields of study.

How does it work?

Blind Applying allows students to apply for Internship in the 18 companies mentioned above. Each of these employers is offering 1 internship and it makes a total of 18 available vacancies. The interesting thing is that candidates don’t even know which office and which location they will be taken to after they get selected and it’s still a mystery. What’s more interesting is that Blind Applying will not disclose your personal or contact information to the employers which means that the employers will not be able to see your bio data except for your qualification and skills. This will ensure a completely fair and unprejudiced environment where the candidates will be selected for internship.

To apply for the internship you will simply have to fill the application form available on Once you have submitted the application form, your application will be sent to all 18 employers which means that you don’t have to apply individually for each employer. However, you also need to know that you have to be enrolled as a student at a university in order to be eligible for internships. Those who have completed their studies or those who are not studying currently cannot apply for it.

What are the benefits of the Internship?

There are so many benefits of working as an Internee in 18 of the best employers in the world. Here are some of the most intriguing ones:

  1. All the internships are paid. The candidates will be paid the amount that the employers pays normally to their internees.
  2. All internees will receive sponsorship which will cover the travel and housing cost. So you don’t have to pay a single dime. Some employers may also provide you an apartment for the duration of the internship.
  3. You will be able to count the internship as the mandatory internship with your curriculum.
  4. The internship period will last for 3 months which is enough to give you exposure and the working sense that you need.

So this is a great opportunity for students of all countries, ages and races to compete on a global platform and give a huge boost to their career by getting selected as a Internee. It won’t be a surprise at all if you get hired as an employee afterwards, but it will completely depend on the internee’s performance of course. The deadline for submitting application is 3rd November 2014 so students are advised to take advantage of this free opportunity before the time runs out. Click HERE to apply.

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