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How to make money on Ebay – Beginner’s Guide

Earn online by selling stuff on Ebay is the biggest consumer-to-consumer corporation in the world which allows users to earn money online by selling items. In this guide we will explain step-by-step process on how to make money on Ebay. It is an auction website where users can list their items to be sold and other users can buy those items by visiting the website and browsing through the list of their desired items. Ebay features a Bidding system as well as a “Buy now” system to facilitate both the sellers and buyers. People from all over the world list their items on Ebay to be sold and are able to earn a steady income by doing so. Ebay does not do the selling itself, it facilitates the sellers to meet potential buyers so they can sell their goods themselves. It is one of the best sources to earn online by selling your stuff.

How to Sell items on Ebay

The working of the website is fairly simple. A seller can list the items that he wants to sell on, items can be anything from toys to cars. The listing process is very simple and intuitive and gives you plenty of options to customize your listing. Options include adding up to 12 photos of your item, setting your price and adding a shipping option, even list the payment methods that Ebay supports. Now there are two types of listings that Ebay supports:

  1. Auction System (Bidding)
    Bidding system allows the seller to specify an opening price for the item and the users can bid on that item. The listing remains for a certain number of days during which users can bid. When that time period expires, the user with the highest bid wins the bidding process and gets the item.
  2. Buy it Now System
    The other option is the “Buy it Now” option. It pretty much explains the process. The seller lists the item and specifies a fixed price to sell it. This allows the buyer to purchaser the item right away without waiting another day. In this way, the first buyer who ordered the item will get it.


Now after you have chosen a selling option, you have to offer a shipping option that suits you best. Ebay offers three Shipping options that you can choose from. Free shipping enables the seller to attract more buyers and increase sales. Flat fee shipping allows the seller to specify a fixed shipping rate for the customer. If you choose Calculated Cost Shipping, the USPS shipping costs are calculated automatically and the buyer has to pay it. Now there are a  number of shipping service s that Ebay supports. The seller can choose the services depending on how fast he wants to deliver the items. Shipping rate may also vary.

After selecting the shipping options, the only thing that remains is how you will receive payments. We will cover it in the next section.

There is also a fee associated with selling items which is quite obvious. The amount of the fee depends on the listing and the options that the seller has chosen. To view details on how the fees is calculated please click HERE.

To open a Seller account please click HERE.

Ebay also allows users to open their own Ebay store. This way sellers can get their own customized Web address for their store and they can list their items there with suitable categories. However, there are a few requirements to open up your own Ebay store. To see the details please click HERE.

Ebay Payment Details

You can list your payment methods when you list you item. Ebay supports a number of payments methods for sellers and buyers. However, the best and most secure payment method that Ebay recommends is Paypal. The other payment methods include:

  • Paypal
  • Propay
  • Skrill
  • Merchant credit card
  • Payment upon pickup

To view more details on how each of the payment methods work please click HERE.

Making Money on Ebay: Final Word is the most widely used and most trusted portal for selling your products and getting paid quickly. So there’s no question about recommending it to everyone who has something to sell and wants to earn some money in exchange. The best way to maximize your sales on Ebay is to get positive feedback from your buyers and positive feedback always comes if you deliver quality items and services. As you get more positive ratings, your reputation on Ebay improves and your items are more likely to show up in search results. So make sure you focus on quality from the day one. Do share this review with your friends so more and more people can benefit from it.


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