9 Organizations who offer Fellowships for International Students

If you’re a recent graduate or a soon-to-be graduate you must be wondering what’s next right? This guide is for you, because we want to share a few websites where you can find Fellowships for international students.

Usually after graduation, students try to look for full-time or part-time jobs. While some may succeed, others don’t. The reason is employers expect some sort of industry / research experience before offering a real chance at their company. And that starting experience is not easy to get.

It’s a sensitive time when you just got out of your studies and you don’t have a clue how offices or companies work. That’s where Fellowships come in. Fellowships are short-term learning opportunities for your professional development. They may last from a few months to couple of years. You can apply for a Teaching Fellow as well as a Research Fellow position.Fellowships for International Students

Are there any Fellowships for International Students?

The answer is YES. Most of the fellowships are offered to students in developed countries. There are many research based organizations and universities looking for bright students to work with them.

Students in developing countries might not have the same privilege. Universities are few and most of them don’t have the budget to support Fellowship programs. The students are either forced to look for jobs or study further for higher qualifications.

In this guide we will be sharing some organizations that offer fellowships to International students. Student selection depends on merit regardless of their ethnicity or race. You can apply from any country and you can expect fair judgement in the selection process.

List of International Fellowships

Here’s a list of organizations and universities that recruit fellows from all over the world:

  1. FullBright Foreign Student program

    The FullBright Fellowship program is an international student exchange program for bright students. They provide access to a thriving community of scholars and support groups. The program operates in more than 150 countries worldwide. Around 4000 students make it to the fellowship every year.

    How to Apply

    To check if your country is allowed to participate in the program click HERE. Select your country in the drop-down menu given on the link. If your country is in the list, you can visit the right website shown after selecting the country. The contact information of the relevant organization is also visible after selection.

  2. Amelia Earhart FellowShip (Zonta.org)

    Zonta International Foundation offers Amelia Earhart Fellowship to female candidates from all nationalities. They only select the best candidates so they expect excellent academic records. Women who want to pursue PhD in Science and Engineering subjects are welcome to apply. They offer $10000 in stipends to their fellows.

    How to Apply

    Applications are usually open in the month of October and the deadlines are in November / December. To Apply for the Fellowship you need to visit this LINK in the month of October. You will find the necessary information to start the application process.

  3. AAUW International Fellowships

    American Association of University Women is a non-profit organization launched in 1881. Since then it has conducted a number of programs to empower women all over the world. They offer International Fellowships to qualified woman graduates from all nations. Both graduate and post-graduate research opportunities are open for researchers. Fellowships have been awarded to more than 3600 women from over 150 countries.

    How to Apply

    Applications for the AAUW fellowship program will open from 1st August to 1st December. Only those candidates who have completed their Bachelors degree before the mentioned date and eligible to apply. Here’s the LINK where you can start.

  4. Asian Development Bank Fellowships / Scholarships

    The Asian Development Bank offers a Japan Scholarship program that offers scholarship opportunities to students from all countries. Around 150 post-graduate scholarships are available every year. The scholarships are eligible for development related fields including Science & Technology, Economics, Management etc.
    The scholarship bears full academic fee, living expenses, accommodation and a monthly stipend. Medical and travel insurance are also covered by the program.

    How to Apply

    Only those candidates are eligible to apply who have applied for admission in any of the participating universities. You must have a Bachelor’s degree and your age should be equal to or less than 35 years. The fellowships are open to candidates from specific countries. Here’s the List. Visit this Page to apply for the scholarship.

  5. Chevening Fellowships

    Chevening is an International Scholarship and Fellowship award scheme based in the UK. UK government  sponsors the program and it welcomes students from all countries to apply. The candidates are selected by the British embassies of the respective countries. The fellowships offer professional development and training opportunities to students while they spend time in the UK.

    How to Apply

    The applications for the Chevening program open in August and the deadline is in November. The selection process almost takes 8 months to complete. British embassies select the students for interviews. Click HERE to Apply for the program.

  6. EDUFI Fellowships

    EDUFI Fellowships allow you to become a Fellow and study in Finland. You should have your Masters degree in order to apply for Doctoral fellowships. The scholarship period may vary from 3 to 12 months. Fellows will get 1500 Euros per month. The program does not support the cost of international travel to and from Finland.

    How to Apply

    You need to establish contacts with applicable Finnish universities to avail this opportunity. If the university is willing to host you then you can apply for this fellowship. To apply, you need to send a motivation letter, detailed CV and research plan to their address. More details HERE.

  7. Endeavour Fellowships Australia

    The Endeavour Program from Australia invites graduates from all countries to become their fellows. You can apply for Endeavour if you are looking to pursue research or professional development in Australian institutes. All recipients receive the following:

    • A $3000 travel allowance
    • $2000 fellowship allowance
    • $3000 monthly stipend
    • Health insurance and travel insurance

    How to Apply

    The Application round for the scholarships start in July / August. You need to submit the required Application form with all documents to them. You can check for all application details HERE.

  8. USC International Arts Fellowship

    University of Southern California invites potential artists from all around the world to join them as fellows. Emerging artists can apply for graduate studies to any of the six art schools of USC. They prefer arts students from Pacific Rim, Latin America and South Asia. Candidates from other regions can apply as well. Travel, tuition and living expenses will be paid by the fellowship.

    How to Apply

    You need to apply for a graduate arts program at any of the six arts schools of USC. Once approved you will be automatically considered as a Fellowship candidate. You can find more details HERE.

  9. Newton International Fellowship

    If you’re into research in the Physical, Natural or Social sciences then you can apply for Newton Fellowship. The opportunity allows you to work with leading researchers in the UK. Fellows are entitles to £24,000 per year to cover living expenses and £8000 for research expenses. An additional £2000 relocation allowance is also available to fellows.

    How to Apply

    The applications usually open in the months of January / February. The application should be well-documented and written carefully. The competition is very high so try to make your application as convincing as possible. You can find more details HERE.

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