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Earn Money for offering Friendship Online: List of 5 Websites

earn money by offering friendship online

Are you a social person who likes interacting with people, meeting new friends, and learning about different cultures? If this is you, you can your social skills to earn money online by offering friendship.

People are often looking for a person to talk to when they are lonely and depressed, or just for a buddy to take to a social gathering that would be too uncomfortable to go alone to. For this purpose, there are a few apps that allow people to rent a friend, a guide, or someone to talk to.

As a friend on these sites, you will not only make money for your friendship but also an experience to connect with strangers from all over the world. This will give you a chance to explore cultures and create new experiences.

List of Websites to Sell your Friendship Online

Here’s a list of the most popular apps and websites where you can earn money by befriending people:

  1. Rent a Friend

    Rent a Friend is a website that allows users to hire a friend whenever they have to go somewhere for example to the movies, restaurants, gym, etc. The company operates all over the world and you can hire a friend that is in your area.

    Rent a Friend

    Rent a friend is strictly a platonic friendship site. Some of the common ways people have been using this site are for renting a friend to take to an office party or a wedding they don’t want to attend alone, to have someone to show them around in a new city, or someone simply has an extra ticket for a show they don’t want to go alone at.

    Friends registered at Rent a Friend can charge up to $50 per hour, which can be negotiated with the customer if the customer wants a reduced option. You can register yourself on the website, create a profile, and start earning.

  2. Rent a Cyber Friend

    Rent a Cyber Friend is a social platform similar to the concept of pen pals. Cyber friends offer different services that are posted in the form of gigs. Viewers can request a gig and avail the service at the hourly rate specified on the profile.

    Rent a Cyber Friend

    Some examples of services that can be offered are; help someone practice language, speaking, or just socializing with someone when they are lonely. You could also offer some help to a tourist if you’re an expert in your city.

    To become a cyber friend, sign up on their website. In your profile, describe yourself, your hobbies, and mention your top 10 interests. Upload your photo and select a payment plan. You can choose any option that is convenient for you. Once your profile is created, you can post gigs (service) along with the price rate for the specific gig. You can select a reasonable rate for your service and start operating.

    Users can withdraw money once it has reached $75. You can get paid via PayPal or Check by mail.

  3. Rent a Local Friend

    Rent a Local Friend is a website that promotes the local people of a city. It connects travelers with the local people of an area. Users can hire a local person to help guide them in the city and give them the best tourist experience through their expert knowledge of the area.

    Rent a Local Friend

    A local friend can be a tour guide, a chef, photographer, refugee, and generally any interesting people in the area.

    You can become a local friend by signing up on their website. Signing up gives you control of your webpage on the platform, where you can add all the information and start earning for your services. This site is also recommended by Trip Advisor.

  4. JoinPapa

    Be a friend with an elderly and get paid. As a Papa-pal you can join the platform and get matched with Papa-pairs (older adults) that are looking for a companion. This is a great program to help older people combat loneliness and pass their time with young people.


    This also brings you the opportunity to give company to older people and earn money for it. What’s better than spending time with old wise people, make them happy and go home knowing that you made someone’s life better by being there.

    As a Papa pal, you can give car rides, do house chores, teach cool stuff and just sit and chat. As a caregiver, you can earn up to $15 per hour.

  5. FriendPC

    FriendPC is a virtual companionship site. As a virtual friend, you can offer your services as a companion, a life coach, tutor, or even a tour guide. You don’t need professional experience, but you can earn extra money if you have certifications in areas such as psychology, nursing, or a teaching degree.


    Once you create an account on FriendPC, you can post listings on your account which are the services you are offering to your friends. Users can then contact you for these services and you can earn cash from your listings.

    You can begin using FriendPC by signing up for the free starter package and gain an understanding of how the company works. Payments are made after two days of completing a service.

Friend renting sites are an easy, fun, and unconventional way to make money online. You can use your social skills to earn a decent side income and experience something new. However, don’t just rely on this to earn a stable income. It can be a good side-hustle that gets you some extra income.

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    It is near 1 am here, and this gal is tired.

    1. Hi. In that case I would suggest trying to create another account from another email address that you own. Alternatively, you can try to recover the password for your existing account via the login form.

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