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Useful free and paid tools for starting a new website

Useful Free and Paid Tools for starting a New Website

If you’re a beginner at Website design & development and want to start a website from scratch, you can totally do it. There are a good number of online tools available that can help you create your first website. You don’t even need to hire an expert to design graphics and stuff. You can simply drag and drop stuff to build your own graphics. The last thing you need is website hosting. This guide includes some great hosting providers that are easy to setup and cost minimum fees.

Free Tools for Online Presentations

8 Free Tools for creating Online Presentations

Online presentations are high in demand because people simply don’t have the time to install software on their PCs anymore. We know how presentations are important in all professional fields. That’s why there are a good number of companies who developed online tools where people can create interactive presentations for free. In this guide you will find 8 free software that allow you to do just that.