How to Apply and Work as a Freelance Writer on is an online content provider company. They offers topical articles, product descriptions, how-to articles and blog posts to their clients  all around the world and they offer complete ownership of the content to them. allows freelance writers to earn money by writing quality content for their clients. Headquartered in Swansea, USA the company is a leading provider of content creation solutions with over 1,700 full time writers.become content creator on

HOW IT WORKS has two portals; a Client portal and a Writers portal. We are going to focus mainly on the Writers portal since we are interested in earning money.

The process is simple; clients pick out a topic they want content to be written about. The company then selects writers based on their TrustScores (scores based on their quality of work) and their expertise to write content and have the work delivered. Clients can also guide writers on how they want their content structured or what kind of writing style they want.

Writers are selected based on their expertise in a specific industry. A number of tests are conducted to ensure quality of the written content. offers much growth for writers and as the writing skills of these writers improve, the company pays them more for each task. To become a writer follow the steps below:

  1. Fist things first, you have to register yourself as an expert on the website. Here’s the LINK to sign up.Become Content Creator on earn online
  2. Once you have signed up, you’ll be asked to complete your writer’s profile. Here you also add your work preference like how much time you can put in and how much you would like to get paid hourly.Become Content Creator on earn online
  3. Once you have completed your profile and typed in your payment details, you will be then redirected to the Find Work page.Become Content Creator on earn online
  4. In the Find Work page you can look for any assignments related to your expertise.
  5. You can also improve your profile and  increase your chance of getting assignments by earning more qualifications. You can do so by completing the available assessments that are 40 minutes each.Become Content Creator on earn online

HOW DOES WRITE PAY pays its writers through PayPal. The prices are determined by the writers themselves. They can decide what the hourly rate should be and then the company makes the final estimate on what should they be paid according to the quality of content they produce. No real amount is defined as to what the writers get paid, but the company proclaims its rates as market competitive.


  • Most importantly, writers don’t need to worry about finding the clients as the company provides you with clients themselves.
  • You define what rate you expect to get paid hourly, then the company makes the final estimate on the rate depending on your TrustScore.
  • TrustScore is a measure of your customer satisfaction based upon the quality of work you deliver.
  • The company pays you directly once the content is accepted by the client. This takes a couple of days.
  • The company also offers a bonus for completing a certain task in a limited time.
  • And lastly, you can work as much or as little you like. As the work hours are determined by the writer.

FINAL WORDS is an beneficial platform for freelance writers to generate a steady flow of income. Its a legitimate way of earning online and improving your writing skills as you go. Having 1700 full time writers under its belt and well known brands like Bed Bath and Beyond, Yahoo etc. being its clients; the company has become a leading provider of content creation. Thus earning itself as a position in being a legitimate source of income for budding writers. So go check it out and let us know how your experience was!

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