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How to work as a Technology Writer on

Work as Technology Writer on MakeTechEasier is a tutorial website dedicated to all things related to technology. The website creates how-to guides, tutorials and hacks to help make technology easier for everyone.

Founded in 2007, this website has grown to be one of the most reputable technological website with a following of 1 million users world wide. The motivation behind this website is to make technology more accessible to the masses.

Having a team of full-time and freelance writers the website is looking to expand its pool of Technology writers. Here’s how you can apply to become a freelance or staff writer.

Work as Technology Writer on MakeTechEasier

How to Apply

MakeTechEasier prefers to employ experienced writers in diverse technology fields. They require their writing skill to be of high quality.  Writers should have at least 6 months experience to apply as a writer. The applicants are required to have proper working knowledge of WordPress blogging platform, only then are they eligible to apply. Here’s how you can apply to become a Techie writer:

  1. To stat applying, go to the main page and scroll down to find the Write For Us option at the footer. Or simply click HERE TO APPLY.maketecheasier
  2. Once the page opens; fill your writer application form. Include your previous experience, chosen field, proficiency, expected salary and more.writer application
  3. After filling up the form click on Submit Application and wait. The team will check your application and will contact you via email. You will be notified about your application’s acceptance or rejection.

How does MakeTechEasier Pay?

MakeTechEasier pays its writers through PayPal. The website pays its a fixed amount per article, however the amount isn’t disclosed. They do ask you to mention your expected salary though.


There are a certain number of requirements to fulfill before you apply. If the applicant fails to meet any of the requirements, they cannot apply. There requirements are:

  • The applicant must have good experience of WordPress blogging platform.
  • The applicant must be good at explaining him/herself for others to understand.
  • They should be open to writing 2 articles per week, with over 500-800 words.
  • And finally, they should be able to take screen shots to be used in articles.

Writer Benefits

Apart from the regular payments per article, the writers will also get good exposure to an avid group of computer enthusiasts and IT professionals. Writers will also get an instant readership. For any techie out there, we know how repute matters in the IT field. MakeTechEasier is helping out such writers to increase their readership.

Final Words is a reputable technological website with good readership. They produce excellent quality articles related to Technology. Its a perfect platform for any techie out there to share their knowledge and gain recognition. Also if you are looking for other techie websites to write on, check out our guides on Writing technology articles for DigitalOcean or Writing articles on Helium. If you have anything more to contribute towards this guide, do let us know in the comments below.

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