Top 5 Highest In-Demand jobs of 2017 around the world

In 2012, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) announced that there would be a 22% increase in IT jobs all around the globe by 2020. However it is also suspected that the projected growth rate will not be enough to accommodate all IT graduates so it is being taken as a bad sign. However in most countries there has been some increase in the IT careers which is being taken positively by the nationals. We also know that there are new universities opening up in different countries and and more and more people are getting attracted towards Technology related degrees which will result in an unexpected increase in the graduates numbers. So it all depends how the demand and supply in technology careers shapes up in the coming future.

Top 5 In-demand IT jobs in 2017

The good news for IT students and professionals is that there are some specific jobs in the IT industry which are being focused a lot these days those jobs are expected to increase more than others. This should give people clear hint on what to choose and what areas to excel in. Here are the top 5 highest in-demand IT jobs that are growing and booming all around the globe:

1. Software Developer

software developerBecause of the recent changes in technology and the blazing growth rate in mobile apps industry, the demand for Software developers just keeps growing and that’s why they stand at NUMBER ONE in the highest demanding IT jobs. Software developers are now developing intelligent softwares and apps for so many vendors all over the world and there are consumers everywhere. These guys plan, design, develop and test these awesome applications before they get installed on our phones. The Average salary of software developers per year is $92,000.


2. System Analyst / Engineer

systems engineerSystem Engineers work in different sectors including Information technology, health, banking, finance to design, monitor and control work processes and tools that are necessary to industry’s growth. There job can be very tough sometimes because they have to develop the perfect system for their client. So their future depends completely on the results they produce. They are the architects behind the technology and that’s why they are on the second number in the rankings. The average annual income of a System Analyst / Engineer is $80,0000.


3. Web Developer

web developerWeb Developers are the guys who create these awesome websites and web applications like Facebook, Twitter etc. for us and we don’t even know who they are. There job can be very hectic sometimes especially when they have to add new features to web applications and when they have to troubleshoot a critical problem without letting the website go down. But the good news for them is that they are in the third most in-demand professions and will continue to be there for a long time to come. The average salary per year of a Web developer is $70,000.


4. Information Security Expert

information security expertWith so many softwares and applications being developed and so many organization being computerized, you can imagine how difficult it would be to keep them safe from all the hackers out there. These IT security experts are the people doing the tough job to keep the systems intact and secure. As new threats are emerging everyday, companies have started to realize that they need experts to keep their data secure. And that’s the reason they deserve to be in the most in-demand professions. Average salary of an IT security expert per year is $86,000.


5. Database Administrators

database-administratorHave you ever wondered where does all the data that we create and modify and share go? That’s where the Database administrators come in. They are responsible for taking care of all the data created and removed in organizations on daily basis. They have to keep it safe and sound no matter what the situation is whatever disasters are occurring, they have to keep it intact and they may be asked to recover old data at any time. And that’s why they are also on the most in-demand jobs list. The average salary of a Database administrator per year is $78,000.


So these are the top 5 IT jobs having the highest demand in the industry. In spite of so much competition going on everywhere, these IT experts should have something to look forward to because companies still need them and want to hire them. And those who do not belong to these job areas should not be disappointed  because other fields are in-demand too. These stats keep changing with time and you never know what’s in store for other professions in the coming year.

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