Sweatcoin App pays you to do Exercise and stay Fit

SweatCoin is a new app that pays its users to stay fit. The app tracks your steps and converts them into cryptocurrency called SweatCoins. For every 1000 steps, the users earn .95 SweatCoins which can then be exchanged for fitness related gifts and services. Launched in 2015 in UK, the app has been made available for US, UK and Ireland. With over 5 million users and 2 million weekly users, the company plans to expand SweatCoin to other countries as well.


As said before, Sweatcoin pays its users to do exercise and keep themselves fit. Basically the app tracks your steps through your mobile’s GPS and accelerometer and converts them into coins. The app only counts steps that are taken outside, so you cannot count the steps taken at home or at the gym on a treadmill to it. The founders of sweatcoin want to encourage people to be more physically active and outgoing and they have successfully converted their idea into a paying app. The step counter is very precise in counting steps taken outside. The longer you walk the more Sweatcoins you will make.

Being a new user, the app gives the user the status of Mover , this means you cannot earn more that 5 sweatcoins per day. A ‘Mover’ is the fist category of the app’s membership. Thus no matter how many steps you take as a new member you’ll only be able to earn 5 sweatcoins. So if the users want to earn more, they have to update their status to Shaker. This is the next category up the app’s ladder. Moreover, to update your status from a Mover to a Shaker, you would of course need to pay in sweatcoins. Although  you can also try out this membership category for free for 30 days. To join the fitness movement of sweatcoin app, here are the following steps:

  1. First step is to register yourself on SweatCoin app. There’s the LINK to do so.app that pays you to get fit
  2. Next step is to set up your profile. To do that, click on the left hand side to open a drop down panel, where there’s a tab to create your profile. Click that and fill out your profile.app that pays you to get fit
  3. After your sign up is complete, the main dashboard will show you the number of steps you take and the coins you earn per day. app that pays you to get fit
  4. On the upper left hand side of the dashboard you’ll see an icon of stairs, click that and it will show you the leader board. This is where you can compare your progress with your friends.app that pays you to get fit
  5. And on the upper right hand side where there’s an icon of a shopping bag, click that and you can view the current offers on what you can buy with Sweatcoins.
  6. Once you are familiar with the apps working, you can start earning immediately!


SweatCoin app pays its users through Gift vouchers, Fitness related services or Cash through PayPal. As said before, the app pays .95 for every 1000 steps taken. This may not be enough to make you rich, but you can buy small goodies here and there. Most rewards on the SweatCoin store range between 30-300 SweatCoins depending on how expensive the product is. Users can also buy a $1000 PayPal gift card for 20,000 coins.


  • You can earn SweatCoins through referrals as well. By referring someone to the app, users can earn 5 SweatCoins instantly if someone clicks your referral link. The more people sign up through your referral link the more SweatCoins you make.
  • There’s also a feature on the app that lets you send SweatCoins to other users.
  • There are five membership levels in the app, namely:  Mover, Shaker, Quaker, Breaker and Trouble Maker.
  • User have to pay a monthly membership fee in SweatCoins for each category except the entry level status.  The fees are: Shaker (5 SWC), Quaker (20 SWC), Breaker (30 SWC) and Trouble Maker’s fee is as of yet unknown.
  • To ensure your steps are being counted, keep the app running in the background. Please note that the app consumes a lot of power, there’s an option of battery saver mode in the settings section.

Wrapping up this review, SweatCoin is a legitimate money earning app that lets you earn as you work out. Although this app wont make you much money, however its a fun way to work out and get a little extra in return for your hard work. And in the end you will only end up getting smarter and handsomer.

In the mean time if your looking for more apps to help you earn on the side check out these 10 apps that help you earn from your phone.  So tighten up those laces and start running!


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