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Start a Print-on-Demand Business without Investment – List of 10 Platforms


Starting an online business is stressful. You need investment, resources, warehouses, and an online presence. And what’s more, all of that comes with a risk. Print-on-Demand is an emerging industry that is not only fun but also low-risk and easy to start. All you need is a little creativity and you’re good to go!

But first, you need to understand how print-on-demand business works. You might think that it would involve manual printing and hardware costs. Not to mention setting up the whole service online for customers. Worry not. We are going to share some online platforms that do all the hard work for you. You just need to do some basic setup and the rest is digital marketing.

What is Print-on-Demand Business exactly?

Print-on-Demand business is a type of business where a customer places an order for an item such as apparel, home décor, or accessories with their own custom design. As a business owner, your responsibility is to print out the item with that specific design (logo, picture, text) and deliver it to the customer.

To set up such a business, you would need a website that allows the customer to select a specific design, or upload their own design and you print the item with that design on it.

The Good News is, there are some online apps and platforms that do all the technical stuff for you. You just need to set up the store with your favorite designs and start selling them to your audience.

Here are 10 platforms that will allow you to unleash your creative side and run a successful Print-on-Demand business:

List of 10 Print-on-Demand Websites

  1. Redbubble

    Redbubble is another great platform that provides Print-on-Demand services to independent artists so they can earn money selling their unique and quirky pieces. All you have to do is open a shop on Redbubble for free, upload your designs, and then wait for your first order!

    With over 60 products that can be customized, Redbubble provides creative artists with a fun and convenient platform to make some extra money!


    Register for Redbubble HERE
  2. Printful

    With Printful, entrepreneurs can personalize just about anything, clothes, shoes, stationary, you name it. Once an order is received, it is produced at the nearest fulfillment center and delivered to your customer under your brand name.
    Printful only requires you to pay for the production and delivery costs. What’s more, it has no order minimums so you don’t have to worry about surplus inventory.


    Register for Printful HERE

  3. Spring

    Spring lets you customize over 50 different products listed on their website and sell your designs. Once an order is received, Spring will begin production and ship it to the customer. All you have to do is pay for the logistics and production. You get to keep 100% of the profits!


    Register for Spring HERE

  4. Zazzle

    Zazzle is another fun website that allows artists to start a Print-on-Demand business and sell their designs online. Whether you plan to sell merchandise, customized products, or just eye-catching designs, Zazzle is your one-stop for everything from finding customers to manufacturing products and getting them shipped.


    Register for Zazzle HERE

  5. Printify

    One of the best platforms for Print-on-Demand services is Printify which offers some of the lowest prices in the market so you can make more profit! What’s more, you can even connect your Printify store to other platforms and stores such as Walmart, Etsy, or eBay, and show your work to more customers.

    Printify offers over 800 products that you can customize and fast shipping all over the globe so there is nothing holding you back from earning some extra money!


    Register for Printify HERE

  6. SpreadShirt

    SpreadShirt is a cool website mostly for selling personalized shirts but that’s not all. It offers many more clothing options such as aprons, masks, baby clothes, and even other products such as mugs and phone covers. You can also connect your store to other stores and platforms such as Shopify to reach more customers!


    Register for SpreadShirt HERE

  7. Society6

    Society6 has a wide selection of home décor and clothing items all of which are designed by independent artists. You can let out your creative side and design cool products which will then be featured on your page. Customers can either buy your designs directly from your page or by searching for products that match your style.

    You will make money every time one of your designs is purchased. And that’s all Society6 is about; building a vibrant community to empower artists!


    Register for Society6 HERE

  8. Threadless

    Threadless is a quirky e-commerce website that encourages new artists to join their platform and sell their unique designs. You can easily start your Print-on-Demand business by creating a store on Threadless and uploading your cool artwork. The best part of using Threadless? You can even customize your store page by designing quirky banners and creating a unique layout that matches your theme. So explore your creative side and start selling your Print-on-Demand products now!

    With product costs as less as $17.81 for T-shirts, you can easily make great profits on each purchase.


    Register for Threadless HERE

  9. CafePress

    CafePress is another great platform for selling your art. It offers two options for your Print-on-Demand business: you can either create your own shop and customize it to match your brand’s vibe, or you can directly let CafePress sell and market your designs without creating a shop first. The coolest part about using CafePress? It distributes the official merchandise for Marvel, MTV, Star Trek, and so many more labels.


    Register for CafePress HERE

  10. CustomCat

    With CustomCat you can customize just about anything; from shirts and hoodies to mugs and mats. You can easily connect your Etsy and Shopify stores and let CustomCat deal with the production, logistics, and shipping. CustomCat eliminates the risk from your Print-on-Demand business by starting production only when a customer purchases a product so there’s no need to maintain an expensive inventory.

    Register for CustomCat HERE

Print-on-Demand is a great way to use your unique talents and creative ideas to earn some extra money. It is fun and low-risk and you don’t have to break the bank to start selling your cool designs online. So level up your creativity with these 10 platforms and start earning now!



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