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6 Platforms for Selling Antiques and Collectibles Online


The antiques and collectibles industry is huge. And with the rapidly changing interior design trends, it’s only going to get bigger. With a growing awareness of sustainability, more and more people are looking for greener alternatives and turning to buying secondhand furniture and interior pieces.

So if you still have your grandmother’s antique lamp from the 50s or a super rare Marvel comic from the golden age, then don’t throw them away yet! Instead, use these platforms to sell your antiques and collectibles online and earn some money!

List of 6 Websites to Sell Antiques and Collectibles

  1. Chairish

    This platform is all about bringing together antique enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Chairish has a large collection of vintage furniture pieces and artwork and is visited by thousands of buyers. Although it mostly lists interior décor items, you could also sell rare books.

    Chairish will take a 20% to 30% commission on each purchase and will take care of the shipping and moving process.

  2. 1stDibs

    This is another great platform where you can sell your antiques and collectibles and earn some money. You can sell a range of items from furniture and paintings to jewelry and watches. All you have to do is create an account, list your item, and wait for the buyer to find you!

    The 1stDibs team will first review your product and a small commission will be taken when a buyer purchases your item.

  3. Etsy

    Etsy is one of the biggest online marketplaces for artists and creative entrepreneurs. You just have to pick your niche, open a shop and sell your antiques and collectibles. What’s more, sellers have access to promotional and analytics tools that can help them increase their reach and analyze the business trends respectively.

    Etsy charges a listing fee of 0.20 USD and a 6.5% transaction fee when your item is purchased.

  4. Ebay

    Ebay is another great platform you can use to sell your antiques and collectibles online and earn some money. Millions of buyers use eBay every day so your item is sure to grab someone’s attention.

    The best part is that eBay only charges a listing fee after the first 250 items of the month, and takes a 10% -15% commission making it one of the most economical platforms for selling your antiques.

  5. RubyLane

    RubyLane is all about vintage stuff! If you have any rare collectibles or antique furniture, RubyLane is just what you need to earn some money. You won’t be charged a monthly fee if you don’t list more than 15 items a month and a 9.9% sales fee will be applied on each purchase. All you have to do is create a shop and start selling your antiques and collectibles!

  6. Bonanza

    Bonanza is another great platform for selling antique items. You can use the Bonanza advertising option to boost your sales. A fee will be charged depending on what level of advertising you selected. What’s more, you can even connect Google Analytics with your shop and get all the information about business trends.

    Bonanza charges a $0.25 transaction fee and a 3.5-5% final value fee on each purchase.

These are the most legitimate platforms that you can use to sell your antiques and collectibles and earn good money. So go down to the basement and look around. You might find some vintage items that can earn you some bucks!


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