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Online Medical Jobs for Doctors: 6 Websites where you can Apply

online medical jobs doctors

Unlike other professions, Doctors find it hard to work their way towards work-from-home lifestyle. They either have to work at a hospital or start a clinic. But not anymore. We are going to share a few websites where you can apply for online medical jobs.

Almost no profession is safe from the evolution of the web. You may have come across some web or mobile applications where you can get free or paid online help from medical professionals. You can even chat with them live through your computer or mobile phone. How do think that’s possible? It’s possible because companies have started to realize the potential in this area.

Whether you a are Doctor, Nurse, Physiotherapist, or a Psychologist, you can apply for part-time medical jobs and offer consultation services online.

How can Doctors work online?

If you’re a doctor and want to work part-time as an online Medical expert, well there are plenty of options for you. There are a number of companies who offer hourly wages for helping out patients online. This can be done in the following ways:

  • Live chatting with patients
  • Messaging
  • Video calling with patients

You can even ask patients to visit you physically if it’s needed. The more patients you deal with, the more money you will be able to earn. But remember, your reputation as a doctor matters a lot. You will be competing with other professionals in your field. With a good profile reputation, you will get more help seekers asking for your services.

List of Online Medical Jobs Websites

Here are some of the best medical job websites we have found for you:

  1. Virtual Medical Group
    Virtual Media Group

    Virtual Medical Group is US based online consultation platform where patients can seek guidance from professionals. They call it TeleHealth service. If you’re a physician, nursing practitioner, clinical worker or a therapist, you can apply as a Telehealth professional.
    The application process is very simple. You just need to fill their online form and submit your CV along with a cover letter. They will get back to you in a few days.
    You can work from 4 hours per week to full-time. That’s your own choice. You will get paid weekly.

  2. American Well
    American Well

    American Well is another TeleHealth company that hires professional medical experts to work with them online. It works on the same principals as the previous company. You get paid per patient visit. The visit is actually a Video call that takes place between you and the patient.
    Malpractice insurance is also provided to professionals. That’s another great attraction for doctors while working with this company. You can use your computer or iPad to visit the patients on-demand. There’s also an option for creating your private practice for free.
    American Well pays you weekly and transfers the payments directly to the Bank account.

  3. Lybrate

    Lybrate is an online healthcare mobile app where doctors are welcome to join and do online practice. As a professional, you can create your own schedule and see as many patients as you want.
    Patients find you through the web interface and ask you questions. You can answer them for free or you can charge a consultation fee for it. The more patients you help, the more exposure your profile will get on the website. The number of answer you post will show up as People helped. This will add to your profile reputation.

  4. MDLive

    MDLive is an Online counseling platform where patients can get online counseling services 24/7. They are also looking for Doctors and medical experts to work with them. You can easily join MDLive by contacting them through that Contact Us Page. They will review your application and if your profile seems good, you will be able to work form them as a healthcare professional.
    The best thing about this app is you can provide online counseling services through your Android or iOS mobile phone. They pay their doctors on monthly basis.

  5. VirtueWell


    VirtueWell is an Online Diagnosis and Treatment platform that offers medical services 24/7. It’s more like an online clinic where you can book an appointment with a doctor, only this will take place online through your phone on computer.
    You can work for their online clinic as a Nurse practitioner. You will have all the flexibility to work from your home and see as many patients as you want. Only graduates from accredited nursing institutions can apply for this job.
    Details about payment rates and schedule will be shared once your application is approved.

  6. SERMO

    SERMO is one of the biggest social networks of Doctors. It’s a network of over 800,000 verified physicians and they belong to from almost all countries. They also declare themselves as a Medical crowdsourcing platform where doctors ask questions from their peers. It’s more like a knowledge bank shared among experienced physicians worldwide.
    You can apply as a doctors and get paid to answer health surveys. They pay more than $16 million each year to their registered doctors for participating in surveys.
    Here’s how it works. SERMO invites you to take part in an online survey. You participate and provide feedback. You will earn honorarium in return for your valuable feedback. Furthermore, The payments will be transferred to you in the form of Check or Vouchers.

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  1. Hi! Is there online jobs for pharmacists? Or related jobs that can be done by some online certifications? Something that pays well?

    1. Yes, you can join as a telehealth professional. Visit the listed sites and see which one suits your specialization. Also, remember to check if it’s valid in your country as well.

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