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How to Make Money with Reddit (5 Definitive Ways)

How to Make Money with Reddit (5 Definitive Ways)

Reddit, as they say, is the Front page of the Internet. Those who realize the true value of Reddit can’t imagine leaving or switching over to another social network. While Reddit enables you to gain knowledge and stay updated on your favorite topics, it also indirectly enables you to make money from it.

If you own a blog, a website or any kind of online business, you can easily catapult its growth through Reddit. Don’t get me wrong, you cannot just use Reddit for money generation. You can use it as a support to your real source of income.

To harness the true power of Reddit, you need to become an active member. Redditors are usually smart people who know how stuff works and have the ability to identify spam in communities. You need to be able to fully participate in the topics of your interest.

5 Ways to Make Money with Reddit

There is no direct way to earn money from Reddit. As mentioned before, you can use this platform to find opportunities or grow your own business.

Here are the top 5 ways to make money from Reddit:

  • Small online gigs and short tasks opportunities in /r/Beermoney
  • Find online work and freelancing opportunities in /r/Workonline
  • Advertise your skills and let other redditors hire you /r/forhire
  • Do jobs below market rate on /r/slavelabour
  • Promote your own online business by participating in relevant sub-reddits
  1. /r/Beermoney

    Beermoney is one of the most popular sub-reddits having a subscriber count of over 300,000 users. It has grown really popular recently because of the potential it holds for money makers. You can find some really amazing money earning opportunities on this community. Most of these opportunities involve participating in online surveys, writing product reviews, completing short tasks etc.
    You can always ask questions about a website that you want to work for. Many users have reported earning over $500 on monthly basis through those gigs.
    Here are some example of success stories:
    How I Got Paid By 65 Different Beermoney Programs in 2018
    2018 earning analysis

  2. /r/WorkOnline

    WorkOnline is another great sub-reddit that allows users to share and discuss online money making opportunities. Unlike Beermoney, WorkOnline shares all sorts of online work opportunities including freelancing portals, freelance writing jobs, affiliate marketing, online tutoring jobs, etc.
    Here you can even find full-time remote working jobs that require 8 to 9 hours of work. If you’re jobless at the moment and are looking for a stable sources of income then this is the place for you.

  3. /r/forHire

    ForHire is another valuable community on Reddit that allows you to advertise your skills to other members and get hired. If you are good at technology-related stuff then there’s a great chance of landing a job.
    This community is not limited to finding jobs only. If you need some work done for you then you can also hire skilled people from here. But if you’re reading this guide you are probably searching for job opportunities. Do give this community a try.
    Most of the opportunities you find on this subreddit will be related to computer-related stuff. If you are proficient in graphic design, web development, or other technical skills then you may have more chances of getting a job than other candidates.

  4. /r/SlaveLabour

    SlaveLabour is a community for people who are desperately trying to find work opportunities, no matter how much they pay. Usually, the jobs that are posted in this sub-reddit are low paying jobs. However, they are easy to get done compared to the jobs at /r/forhire and do not require highly specialized skills.
    Although these jobs won’t earn you big bucks, you can always count on them to give you enough to support your income. Most of the tasks posted there are really simple and you can complete them in a short time. Do not under-estimate the potential of this sub-reddit.

  5. Promoting your own Business

    This technique is meant for those who own a business or a startup and want to promote it through Reddit. Promoting your business on Reddit is very much possible but it’s not as simple as it sounds. If there’s even a hint of over-promotion in your posts and discussions, you will most likely get a ban.
    You cannot just use Reddit to market your own stuff. You have to become a dedicated member and a frequent user to make that happen. The way to do it is to involve yourself in your favorite communities to be able to give your words some weight.
    Here’s a nice guide that explains how you can use Reddit for marketing your own business in detail: How to Use Reddit: For Beginners and Business Owners

Frequent Questions:

  • How to monetize Reddit? Is it possible to monetize and put ads on my sub-reddit?
    Definitely NO. Reddit does not allow its users to monetize sub-reddits and earn money from it directly. You should not put ads on your sub-reddit because if you do so, you might get banned immediately. You can only leverage Reddit to boost your own business by participating in the communities.
  • Can I refer products for sale or use Affiliate URLs in my posts and comments?
    NO. You are not supposed to sell products or use affiliate URLs in your posts and comments. Reddit strictly prohibits such activity. It’s a clean community and the only way to keep it clean is by avoiding spam and self-promotion.
  • Can I create a community on Reddit for my Website?
    Yes, you can. In fact, Reddit allows you to create your own sub-reddit related to your business or your website. You can promote your website’s content in your own sub-reddit however you want.



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