How to make money by Micro-tasking on FigureEight is a data collection and data mining company that offers a data enrichment platform for their clients from all over the world. The company was established in December 2007 and it is based in the Mission district of San Francisco. The company has offered data cleaning and labeling services for customers and claims to have a workforce of more than 5 million workers. The majority of their customers belong to academic institutes, newly launched companies and large enterprises. Both customers and contributors benefit from their services everyday.

Make money by micro-tasking on Crowdflower

How to Start Micro-Tasking on FigureEight

Since we want to know how to earn as a contributor from them so we will not focus on the customer part. You can easily make money by micro-tasking on FigureEight. FigureEight offers a great opportunity for users from all over the world to join their system as a contributor. You can make money online by doing micro-tasking and completing simple data oriented tasks.

You only need to have a computer and an internet connection and you can make a steady income with their system. Once you become a contributor you will be able to take a number of skill tests to prove your skills and the test score will determine the level of the tasks that you will be getting in the future.

FigureEight Features

Here are some basic features of the FigureEight contributor portal:

  • Tasks are available in the contributor dashboard and you can start working on any task after reading the instructions and description.
  • You will be offered different levels of tasks depending on your skill set and your current performance.
  • You will be able to see your performance statistics on regular basis in your dashboard.

There is also a way to become a Skilled Contributor. This means that you will be able to get better tasks that pay more. In order to become a skilled contributor you will need to pass the Skill tests with good scores and your previous tasks must demonstrate great accuracy. Skilled contributors are the top most contributors in the network and they are responsible for doing the most important and critical tasks that are not available to normal contributors. To cut it short you will be able to:

  • Get access to more tasks
  • Get high paying tasks
  • Qualify for much interesting and intelligent tasks and other rewards

So here’s what the Contributor Dashboard actually looks like:

crowdflower statistics

So the first step is to apply as a contributor and then slowly and gradually complete the tasks with as much accuracy as you can. You will see yourself achieving great reputation with your good performance. To apply as a contributor on FigureEight click HERE.

FigureEight Payment Details

FigureEight pays through Paypal and users from all over the world can apply to become a contributor and get paid. However, you must have a Paypal account before joining. If you don’t have one then creating an account on Paypal is very simple. If you’re living in a country that does not support Paypal then ask your relatives for their Paypal id. Your earnings will be sent to their account and they can send you your payments by other means afterwards.

Final Word

For those who are not expert freelancers or writers, they can take advantage of this great program. It offers easy-to-do tasks which an average human can do easily. Although, you will have to be as accurate as possible to keep earning and promote to higher levels. Joining the system is very easy and quick and you will get comfortable with the system in no time. So make use of this great opportunity and spread the word to your friends and relatives.

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