How to make money as Freelancer on Demand Media Studios

Demand Media Studios is an online content and social media company based in USA. The company is very well known among people and brands associated with digital media. Currently they are operating some of the most famous digital content brands including eHow and Cracked and their content is published in a number of websites including USA today, Livestrong, Globalpost and Azcentral. They produce digital content that includes articles, videos and images for these brands and publish them on the internet for every one to read and enjoy. The company was launched in 2006 and it has been growing very quickly since then.

Make money as freelancer on Demand Media Studios


Demand Media has been publishing content and other Famous websites for a very long time. They have acquired a number of companies including eHow over time and are still expanding very quickly. The reason behind their success is the brilliant Freelancers, writers and photographers that they hire from all over the wold to work for them and produce some outstanding content for the public. So yes! they hire people like you who have some good freelancing skills and pay you to work for them. Once you are accepted as a Freelancer at Demand Media, you will starting working on a number of assignments that you are assigned and you performance will be  evaluated on regular basis. Below are the types of experts they are looking for:

  • Writers
  • Copy Editors
  • Film Makers
  • Casting Producers
  • Photographers

So if you have got skills in any of these areas you can apply right away and start working for them. However, you need to be expert in that field because they normally don’t hire freshers. You have to have some experience and some kind of portfolio to show them in order to be selected and start making money online as freelancer. If you’re a writer you can submit a sample article at the time of application that you have written yourself. Demand Media further narrows the application down to specific topic expertise they are looking for. Currently the experts that are working with them have expertise in Business, Careers, Education, Technology, Culture, Family, Parenting, Style, Travel, Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Science, Home, Garden, Real estate and Pets. They may hire you for other topics as well depending on their requirements.



Demand media currently has their hiring process on hold due to some reason but they intend to start the application process soon. To apply as a Freelancer on Demand Media Studios click HERE.

you can also ask question about their hiring process and possibly submit your resume along with samples by sending email to



Demand Media pay through Paypal. So in order to work for them yo need to have a Paypal account. If you don’t have one you can sign up at They will pay out twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays so for those people who have urgent needs of money it is a great news.



If you are an expert in the above mentioned fields and have previous working experience then we would certainly recommend you to apply for it. They will pay you good and also very frequently so this is one in a million opportunity for you guys. And make sure when you apply you do it properly by attaching your resume, your portfolio or sample articles because once your application gets rejected it will almost be impossible that they will consider you for the second time, so give it your best shot.


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