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Make Money Online by Answering Customer Service Inquiries on SimplrFlex

make money answering customer service inquiries simplrflex

Customer Service can be a tough and taxing field to get into – that is, in the traditional way. From having a constant smile on your face when dealing with difficult customers to picking up calls and listening to customers; customer service is not for everyone.

However, there are other, better options for working in customer service. Online jobs! Instead of directly dealing with customers, you can just get behind your computer and help resolve issues by answering customer service inquiries online.

That’s where platforms like SimplrFlex come in.

What is SimplrFlex?

SimplrFlex is a customer service platform that connects experts with businesses all over the world, that require assistance with their customer service inquiries. The company is a chat-based customer service platform that is always looking to hire experts in different fields.

The company is completely online, which means experts can work from home from anywhere around the world. They offer their experts flexible jobs, basically to work whenever and wherever they want to.

How to get started?

SimplrFlex operates as gig based platform for its customer service experts. This means that every time an expert resolves a complaint, they will get paid for it. The company allows experts to set your own pace and timings. Interested? Here’s how you can apply:

  1. Register yourself as an expert HERE. You’ll have to fill up a form and tell the company about yourself. The company hires through an amazingly easy process. They don’t take interviews or require your CVs.
  2. Once you are registered into their system, the company will require you to answer 10 test tickets (inquiries) to show them your expertise.
  3. After application and testing, the company will get back to you in 1-10 business days.  If you pass, you will be required to sign their terms of service; after which you can start answering customer inquiries on the SimplrFlex platform.
  4. It is also important to remember, that SimplrFlex has clients from all over the world, thus it’s important you maintain good quality.Your performance as an expert will be rated by the customers. If you perform poorly and have a consistently low rating, SimplrFlex will remove you without warning.

SimplrFlex Requirements

To start working on SimplrFlex, here are the following requirements you as an expert will need to fulfill:

  • To apply as an expert you need to be 18 yrs or older.
  • Experts must be citizens of the approved countries to apply.
  • You need to have access to a desktop or laptop and Google Chrome.

How does it Pay?

SimplrFlex pays its customer service experts through PayPal or Venmo. They have a flat fee of $1.50 for every resolved ticket, however, the fee varies according to the difficulty of the inquiries.

According to their website, experts can make around $300-$500 per week.


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  1. Hi I have experience of 1.5year in Senior customer associate and i am handling day to day queries of the customers and handling complaint chats so I am finding myself a best fit for this role in your organisation.

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