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Make Money Delivering Food with these Mobile Apps


Online deliveries from restaurants and stores have become a great convenience. Online delivery businesses are expanding and are expected to keep growing according to the recent market survey.

If you are looking for a side income and have a car or a bike in use, then working in the food delivery industry can be a great opportunity to earn some quick money. There are a lot of options to choose from when delivering goods. You can opt for food deliveries, or groceries or parcels.

Here’s a list of some of the best apps that you can use to make money while delivering items:

    1. UberEats (Multiple Countries)

      UberEats is a popular food delivery app that is available in 60+ countries around the world. To earn as an UberEats delivery driver, start by registering yourself as a driver on their app. You will be asked to submit your photo and personal documents, before getting a background check. The UberEats team will send you a confirmation email once you have been vetted. You will then be able to start taking delivery requests.

      How it Pays

      UberEats pays it’s delivery drivers up to $15+ per hour. Delivery rides can receive their earnings through Direct Deposit. You can also get tips from their delivery app. Drivers can set up their own working hours and should have their own vehicles. For more information visit their UberHelp page.

  1. DoorDash (US)

    DoorDash is another popular food delivery app that connects you with local restaurants. The process is simple, once a customer places an order on the app, the driver will pick up the package and deliver it to the respective customer. The delivery fee varies depending on the restaurants the customer selects.

    To become a “Dasher” you must fill out an online application form. Then the company conducts a background check. Once you are confirmed, you will get an Activation Kit from the company that has an insulated bag and a pre-paid debit card, that is to be used to pay for the restaurant food.

    How it Pays

    DoorDash pays its drivers to earn between $12 – $23 per hour, including tips. This app only works in the US.

  2. Postmates

    Postmates is a delivery app that delivers food, packages, groceries, and much more. The company pays its drivers for miles driven, deliveries completed in an hour, and time waiting for orders.

    Start by registering yourself on their website or app. The company will then perform a background check. Once that has been completed, the company will give you a Driving Kit along with a  pre-paid credit card for all the transactions.

    How it Pays

    Postmates pays it’s delivery drivers $10-$20 per hour, plus tips. What really sets the company apart is, that the drivers get to keep 100% of their tips. The company also offers its drivers many incentives.

  3. Caviar (US)

    Caviar is a food delivery app that is also a part of DoorDash. The food delivery app specializes in delivering gourmet restaurant food in select cities.

    To become a driver for this company, simply create an account on their website and fill in an online form. Once you are accepted, a confirmation email will be sent to attend an orientation session. After that, you can start delivering your orders.

    How it Pays

    Caviar pays its delivery drivers up to $25 per hour. This also depends on the completed orders, tips, and place of delivery.

  4. Shipt

    Shipt is an American delivery service that is owned by Target. The app allows users to order groceries online. Shipt Shoppers then shop on behalf of the customers and deliver the items to their doorstep.

    To become a Shipt Shopper, you must first complete your online application. After that, you will go through basic training online and be asked to complete a test at the end. Once you pass, you can start getting orders online.

    How it Pays

    Shipt pays its shoppers $22 per hour. The Shipt Shoppers are paid every Friday.

  5. GrubHub

    GrubHub is one of the largest and most well-known food delivery services. The company delivers fast food on a budget.

    Start by applying online on the GrubHub app. You will also need to complete a survey to assess if you are a good fit for the company. Once you have passed all background checks and attended the orientation session, you can start with your orders.

    How it Pays

    Delivery drivers get paid up to $12 per hour. The company pays through Direct Deposit.

  6. InstaCart (US, CA)

    InstaCart is one of the best grocery delivery companies. This platform offers two kinds of delivery services, the first being a Full-Service Shopper who shops for the required grocery products and delivers them to the doors of the customers.

    While the second is, In-Store Shopper, where you shop for the required products and get them ready to be picked up by the customer themselves. To become an InstaCart shopper, fill in an online application form and choose the role you want to work in.

    How it Pays

    InstaCart pays its shoppers from $10-$16 per hour on the basis of their role.

  7. FoodPanda

    FoodPanda is a popular food and grocery delivery company in Asia. The company operates in 12 different locations.

    To start working as a FoodPanda rider, simply download the app and apply as a rider by uploading the necessary documents. The company will contact you within 2 days for confirmation.  The company also provides every rider with the company T-shirt, delivery box, cap, and raincoat.

    How it Pays

    FoodPanda pays its riders via online banking and deposit.

  8. Amazon Flex

    AmazonFlex is Amazon’s delivery program, where drivers work independently to deliver packages and groceries to customers.

    To become a part of the AmazonFlex program you must have an Amazon account. You can then download the AmazonFlex app and fill out the application for delivery service. Once your background is cleared, you can start your delivery services.

    How it Pays

    AmazonFlex pays its delivery drivers $18 to $25 per hour.

  9. Roadie

    Roadie is a unique delivery service company where drivers make extra money by delivering items to places they are already headed. This unique business model makes deliveries affordable for the drivers by not going the extra mile.

    To apply as a delivery driver, you have to register on their Roadie app and fill up a form. Once you are cleared by the team, you can then start searching for active gigs on the app.

    How it Pays

    Depending on the distance and the delivery, the company pays its drivers between $8 to $650 per delivery.

Delivery services are a good side hustle to make extra money but it may be tiring for some. If you think this isn’t for you there are other ways you can make money from apps online.

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