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Make money as a Technology Writer: 8 Websites that Pay

earn money as tech writer

With the world relying on the internet for information, there are many opportunities to earn money as a technology writer online. Technical articles such as facts and knowledge about a technical topic or guidelines on software development are sought by students and developers both.

Technical knowledge has the greatest value among today’s professionals. With so many advancements going on in software/mobile development areas, more and more people have started to pursue this field. You can use your knowledge to write and publish helpful tutorials. How good is it that you will actually be rewarded for your contributions.

Websites that Pay you to Write Technology Articles

Here is a list of websites and platforms where you can signup as a tech writer and make money by publishing articles:

  1. Digital ocean

    Digital ocean deals with cloud-related products and services and requires writers who can create tutorials and guides on technical subjects related to DevOps and Cloud. As a writer, your job will be to write tutorials on software development and Cloud computing-related topics. You can also write about advanced system topics such as Docker, Terraform, and CI/CD.
    The digital ocean has one of the highest paying writing opportunities for technical writers and offers writers up to $300 per article,  $400 for more complex articles.
    To be able to write for the Digital ocean, you first have become a part of their writing program. You are required to submit your writing sample which will be evaluated by the editorial team and then processed further.

    Payment Details

    Digital ocean pays its writers through PayPal. They pay about $300 – $400 for each article.


    Git lab allows experienced writers with technical expertise to write articles regarding technical topics, projects, and ideas such as software development.
    Ideally you should be able to write about various technology topics including Software development, software engineering, comparison of popular tools, managing tech teams, career guidance for software engineers etc.
    You will need to fill and submit the application form and choose a topic that you want to write about. Once the topic has been finalized, you will be asked to write your first draft. Templates and helping docs will be provided to you.

    Payment Details

    Payouts are based on the following structure:
    $400 for How To’s and tutorials
    $350 for blog posts

    Payments are made via Paypal.

  3. Sitepoint

    Sitepoint provides informative content on its blog and is looking for writers who can create good content that is valued by readers. The platform provides a monthly topic for its writers to write on. React, Node, web performance, and analytics are few of the topics that Sitepoint has published articles on.
    You can mention your interests in the joining form and then the editors will put a call for interest among a pool of authors who are willing to write on the same topic. The requirement is to produce 40 pieces of content in a month if you are selected. You can also write tutorials on HTML and CSS.

    Payment Details

    Sitepoint pays its writers $150-$300 for tutorials.

  4. Geeks for Geeks

    Geeks for geeks is an informative blog that publishes posts related to subjects of computer science, computer science courses and IT interview help. They allows computer science experts to use their technical knowledge to help out students and IT job seekers.
    You can apply for an internship or a professional freelance opportunity. To become a part of the team, you have to send your resume beforehand. If you get selected and work for a period of time you can even be allowed to join their professional team.

    Payment Details

    The payment details aren’t published on the Website yet.

  5. Linode

    Linode is an open-source cloud platform for developers. The company is seeking writers possessing technical knowledge of topics such as, game servers, NoSQL databases, open change, and webRTC.
    Linode requires writers to create tutorials and guides relating to these areas as well as guides regarding Linux use and cloud. They pay up to $300 per guide.
    You can fill out the application form in order to apply to their content writing program. Once you submit your application, your writing sample will be got through a review. The writing format should be of a similar format to the previous tutorials published on the website.

    Payment Details

    Linode pays its writers through Paypal. Their payment rate is $300 per guide.

  6. Plesk

    Plesk offers writers to share knowledge related to technical topics such as DevOps and web development and earn money through it. To publish your article on Plesk, you don’t necessarily have to be a professional, sufficient knowledge of those areas will do.
    Your work can range from article writing to creating guides and tutorials. Writing on Plesk gives you the opportunity to share your content with readers around the world and earn money for it. You can submit your article on their website by filling in their form on their content program section.

    Payment Details

    Plesk pays $50 per article, $100 for the article above 1000 words with a video, $200 for articles that are over 1500 words, and a 3 min detailed video.

  7. Auth0

    Auth0 is one of the top service providers who offer authentication and authorization as a service. They have a passion for sharing technical knowledge with the world and that’s why they are hiring competent writers to work for them.
    You are to write comprehensive articles and guides on different programming languages or any IT technology to allow readers to know how they can use modern development techniques. Articles on Node Js, modern js frameworks, java, ruby on rails core, python are the top priority.
    You can submit your details and article via the form on their website after which auth0 provides you with expert editing feedback and guidance regarding writing.

    Payment Details

    Auth0 offers up to $300 per article.

  8. is a platform for App developers and is currently offering the position of tutorial and article writing.
    You will be required to insert images, diagrams as well as the code needed to implement it. Writers have to write a tutorial once in two months.
    It is also important that you are an advanced developer and have sufficient knowledge regarding your topic. You can write on the following topics: Android, Kotlin, iOS, React Native, Flutter, or Block-chain. The application process is very simple; you have to submit the application form available in the link.
    The article will undergo evaluation for knowledge accuracy, grammar accuracy, and then go for the final selection. pays for each article and also allows writers to use content for free. You can also apply for positions of a video producer and technical editor.

    Payment Details pays their writers at the start of every month. The payment rate is unknown at the moment.

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