How to Write About Something you Love and Make Money on LoveToKnow

make money by writing on lovetoknow is an online media company that provides information about anything and everything to its users. The online company has a network of websites within its main websites. Founded in 2003 in Burlingame California, Lovetoknow provides its users with quality content on every kind of topic; from technology & business, health & fitness to advice on relationships and beauty. They also provide advertising opportunities for brands on its websites.

Since the company is based on online content, freelance writers are in demand. Lovetoknow provides freelancing opportunities for all kinds of writers, provided they have expertise in the area. So what does it take to become a writer on Lovetoknow? make money by writing on lovetoknow


Lovetoknow employs writers that are experienced in their interested fields. They require writers to have at least 6 months to 1 year of writing experience. Apart from that, you can also apply for the Site Editor position if you have more experience and are willing to take more responsibility. But for now, lets just discuss on how to apply for a freelance writer. Here are the following steps:

  1. To start applying go to the main page and scroll down to find Careers option, or just click HERE.make money by writing on lovetoknow
  2. Now fill up your application including your previous work and your interests. They will ask you to provide written samples of your writing and your expertise in your chosen interests/fields.make money by writing on lovetoknow
  3. After completing your application click submit and you are done!make money by writing on lovetoknow
  4. Once your application is vetted, the company will contact you via email or phone to tell you if you have been accepted or not.

Once you are accepted in the writing team, you will be treated with a variety of assignments to your liking.


The website pays its writers monthly via PayPal. Though the pay varies per article and individual, but the pay range per article is between $20 to $60.


Before applying for a writing position, these are the following things you need to know:

  • This platform isn’t for beginners, you need to be an experienced writer to apply.
  • You should have at least 6 months to 1 year of experience.
  • The company expects its writers to write articles that are at least 650 words in length.
  • The company pays great attention to having quality content, so they might ask you to revise your articles from time to time.
  • The writers get about 15 writing assignments per month.


Lovetoknow is a legitimate website for freelance writers. It has a glassdoor rating of 3.5 which is pretty good. The best part about writing for this website is that you’ll get a variety of assignments to choose from. Every writers dream! So if you have anything to add or have any experience in writing for this company, let us know in the comments below. Also if you are looking for other websites to write on check out our guide on how earn online by writing on iwriter or write for matador network as a travel writer. Good luck!

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