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Get Paid to Listen and Review Music on MusicGateway

get paid to listen & review music musicgateway

Music is everywhere. You probably love the laid-back vibes you get from the local coffee shop that plays relaxed indie tunes on repeat; or the upbeat music at the gym that motivates you to keep pushing yourself. But did you know that these playlists are carefully curated to give you this very experience? There are people who get paid to listen and review music that ends up on these playlists that you love. And here’s how you can do the same!

In this guide we are going to share an amazing platform that pays you to listen to and review music.

How do Music Curators Get Paid to Listen to Music?

Music curators are individuals who review music and meticulously categorize them so that they can design nuanced playlists that cater to a target audience or theme. This means spending time listening to music carefully to extract attributes such as genre, feel, artist – anything that helps to deconstruct the song into its constituent units. This comprehensive categorization then helps music curators create tailored playlists for their clients.

There are different types of curators such as in-house curators who mainly create playlists for platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music; radio curators who select songs for the radio stations that they work at, and commercial curators who are approached by private clients with specific requirements.

Here are three types of curators on MusicGateway:

  1. Streaming curators
    Also known as in-house curators, streaming curators work with online platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, and make playlists for them. They not only drive subscription rates for their respective platform but also bring new artists into the limelight.
  2. Radio curators
    As the name implies, radio curators are responsible for designing playlists for radio stations. Their job involves an understanding of their consumers’ interests as well as having the knowledge of what type of listeners will tune in at any given time.
  3. Commercial curators
    Commercial curators maintain a categorized database of music and are approached by private clients that have their own specific requirements. They are assigned projects that involve creating a tailored playlist for a target audience of a business. If a new coffee place requires some laid-back tunes to give its cafe a relaxed atmosphere, then it’ll probably go to a commercial curator.

How Does MusicGateway Help Music Curators?

MusicGateway is an online platform that provides tools and services to support collaboration, promotion, and licensing opportunities for artists and musicians. Their curator program allows music curators to earn some extra bucks by listening to music. JOIN HERE

All they have to do is redirect their clients to send their music submissions through the MusicGateway submission tool. They can then get paid depending on the number of submissions that they receive. You can easily get paid up to £800 regularly to listen to and review music!

Before you delve into the guide further, it’s important to remember that this program is designed for curators that already have a flourishing network of submitters. So if you are new to this, it’s better to start growing your network before you apply.

How do I Start Earning by Listening to Music?

Ready to get paid to review music? Here are some helpful tips for beginners!

  • As a curator, you must have a strong passion for music and should be able to enjoy listening to music for hours.
  • Organize yourself. Comprehensive categorization of music is key to succeeding as a curator.
  • Be well-versed in music genres and styles. Consider taking a course in music psychology to understand exactly what clients are looking for.

And that’s it! It’s that easy to get paid to review music while jamming to your favorite tunes!

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