Freelance Remote Jobs for the Disabled: 6 Websites for Finding Work

Freelance Remote Jobs for the Disabled

Finding jobs can be a difficult task for anyone but the challenges are even greater if you are suffering from a disability or a chronic illness. Even if you do get a job, the job may not fit your requirements. However, there are some Freelance based remote job platforms for disabled people that are dedicated for them.

Fortunately, there are many versatile opportunities being posted the internet for qualified individuals with disabilities. From office work to remote work, you have a chance to get the job that is flexible and allows you to work from your couch. Big companies are often seeking disabled individuals to inculcate diversity in their workplace, so the opportunities are gradually increasing.

Even with your disability you can still do a lot of work while earning a stable income from your home.

List of Freelance Job Platforms for the Disabled

Here are some great online job platforms that offer freelance remote work to disabled people all over the globe:

  1. Chronically Capable

    ChronicallyCapable is a platform that allows chronically ill professionals to find work. It connects them with companies who are looking for digital workforce. Started by a founder who herself was a chronically ill person, the company allows you to connect with recruiting organizations and find remote jobs that you can pursue with flexibility.

    Chronically Capable

    You can start looking for jobs by clicking on the “Get Started” button on the homepage. Provide your details for registration and apply for suitable roles. JOIN HERE

  2. Disabled Person

    DisabledPerson is one of the most popular job search platforms for people with disabilities. It is a non-profit organization that aims to reduce the unemployment rate. Especially for veterans and in general, the people with disabilities.

    You can search the required jobs by clicking on “Jobs”. You can filter your search by state, city, type of job and even the company name. JOIN HERE

  3. DisabilityJobExchange

    DisabilityJobExchange is a company located in Massachusetts that allows disabled individuals to search a wide variety of jobs in America. This organization is working on a diversity mission and has helped minorities,  veterans and, disabled people to find well suited jobs.


    You can search jobs by country, city by typing in the search bar. Users can filter out jobs by salary range, experience and search roles with keywords. Once you have found the right job, you can click on the apply button and follow the procedure to apply for a job.

    Job seekers can send their resume through the platform by uploading it directly. You can also build a resume online on their website. JOIN HERE

  4. OurAbility

    OurAbility is an online recruitment platform for individuals with disabilities. It allows recruiters to connect with disabled people by looking at their profiles. Users can build their profiles on the website and start networking with employers and organizations to land a great job. Employers can then seek prospective employees by searching the database according to candidate’s ability.

    You can also find jobs by going to the website and start searching roles that match your profile. You can search jobs in any country, state or city, and can also filter by company or by job title. JOIN HERE

  5. Ability Links

    AbilityLinks is a website for individuals with disabilities to help them find jobs in America. It was created in 2001 and since then, it is a popular search platform, especially in Chicago. Thousands of people have claimed to have found a job through the website. The company is also sponsored by big names such as Northwestern medicine.

    Ability links offers a variety of jobs ranging from entry level to professional. You can search for such jobs by specifying the type in the job search bar. Users can also customize their job search by specifying their disability. Some of the options are hearing, neuro-diversity, mobility and vision disability. JOIN HERE

  6. CareerCast

    CareerCast is a job seeking database that offers opportunities from all US and Canadian newspaper and websites. A web based classifieds aggregator. It allows people with disabilities to post their resumes and apply for jobs online.

    CareerCast has been featured by CNN, Forbes, ABC, CBS and other major media organizations. The company has also won awards including Eppy award and OnRec award.

    Users can search for their desired jobs by typing in job specific words in the database including engineering, accounting, administrative assistant etc. You can search by state and city as well. Start your job search by signing up on the website and creating your profile. Upload your resume to allow easy connection with employers. JOIN HERE

Finding jobs can be hard these days. However, these platforms make it easier to look for the right ones. Weather you’re a veteran or a disabled individual searching for a flexible job, you can visit these websites and try your luck at the right place.

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