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8 Free Web Development Courses and Certifications for Beginners

Free Web Development Courses and Certifications

Learning Web Development is not as difficult as it sounds if you’re completely new to this. There are some free online Web Development courses and certifications available for beginners. The best thing about these courses is they don’t require you to pay anything. And they will certainly take you from Zero to Hero if you are consistent.

What you need to know is what technologies do you want to master for Web Development. You have a number of options when it comes to Web Development languages and Frameworks.

Here are the most popular languages:Free Web Development Courses and Certifications

  • Java (For Mobile, Web and Desktop applications)
  • Javascript (For Web applications)
  • Python (For Web and Desktop Applications)
  • C++ (For Desktop and Mobile Applications)
  • C# (For Desktop and Mobile Applications)
  • PHP (For Web Applications)
  • Perl (For Web Applications)

For this guide, we are going to list the best online courses that cover most of these languages. We’ve tried to include the courses that offer free certificates as well. Certificates allow you to validate your skills and are a valuable addition to your Resume.

Free Online Web Development Courses and Certifications

Here are some of the most popular free Web development courses that you can pursue to kick-start your career:

  1. FreeCodeCamp

    Web Development Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, React.js, Node.js, MongoDB
    Free Certificates: YES
    FreeCodeCamp has recently gained a lot of popularity for teaching Web Designing and Web Development Skills to the masses. Their curriculum mainly consists of challenges starting from Beginner to Advanced level. They also offer helpful videos for students who want to dig deeper.
    If you’re completely new to Web Development, this course is highly recommended for you. You will start by learning the basics of Web Design (HTML, CSS) and then you will move on to Javascript and complex Frameworks such as Bootstrap, React.js, Redux etc. Also you’ll be able to learn web development skills with Node.js and Database skills with MongoDB.

  2. CS50 Introduction to Computer Science

    Web Development Technologies: HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript, SQL
    Free Certificate: NO
    This is probably the most popular online Computer Science course in the world at the moment. It’s designed for beginners and the journey takes you from the basics of Internet to proficient Web development skills. The course has been developed by the Faculty of Harvard University and is open for all students worldwide. Many successful Software developers have claimed that this course helped them the most in their path to learning.
    The course is completely free to take, however, to earn a certificate you will need to pay. The course will consist of quizzes, assignments and projects. As you progress along the projects, you will be moving one step closer to becoming an expert developer.
    cs50 Introduction to Computer Science

  3. Computer Programming by Khan Academy

    Web Development Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, SQL
    Free Certificate: NO
    Khan Academy offers free courses to public for learning different technologies. They also offer a Web Designing course that can prove to be very handy if you want to learn Front-end programming. This course focuses on HTML, CSS and Javascript mostly.
    If you learn this course by heart and practice all the skills you can become a very good Front-end developer. CSS and Javascript are the core of Web Design. Mastering these skills can earn you a reputable Web Design job.
    Computer Programming Khan Academy

  4. The Odin Project

    Web Development Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails
    Free Certificate: NO
    This is another great Free Web Development course created and offered by Opensource community. This course starts with the basics and grows your development skills to the advanced levels. With this course, you will be able to develop Websites, Online games and Social media platforms.
    Their backend programming language of choice is Ruby on Rails. It’s an excellent programming language with great career prospects. If you want to become a full-stack web developer with Ruby on Rails as your primary language then this course can do wonders for you.
    The Odin Project


    Web Development Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, SQL, Postgres
    Free Certificate: NO is a free online Web Development course provider that offers Web Development tutorials designed by the top industry experts. You can opt for different Front-end and back-end focused programming tutorials. They have a very neat curriculum for beginners.
    It can be a good secondary course to develop your development skills even further. You can combine this course with another Web Development course listed above. Having multiple teaching sources always proves to be an effective learning strategy.

  6. UpSkill Essential Web Developer Course

    Web Development Technologies: Javascript, HTML, CSS, Ruby & Rails, React.js, SQL
    Free Certificate: NO
    The Essential Web Developer Course by Upskill is another great resource for learners. They offer a very detailed curriculum that starts with basic web concepts. You will end up learning multiple front-end and back-end technologies along this course.
    If you intend on becoming a full-stack developer then this course is highly recommended for you. It’s completely free to take so you got nothing to lose right?
    UpSkill Web Developer Course

  7. Foundations of Front-end Web Development by Udemy

    Web Development Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Backbone.js
    Free Certificate: YES
    Here’s an excellent free course offered by Udemy that focuses on Front-end development skills. If you want to become a proficient web designer and earn a free certificate of completion then this is the perfect course for you.
    This course you will be covering HTML, CSS and Javascript. You will also learn advanced technologies including Backbone.js and jQuery. This course has a very comprehensive structure for learning Responsive web design. It would be very unfortunate to not take advantage of this course.
    Udemy Web Development Course

  8. Modern Web Design by TheGymnasium

    Web Development Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript
    Free Certificate: YES
    If you’re looking to excel in Modern Web Design then this course presents a good opportunity to get familiar with HTML and CSS. This course teaches you the basics as well as the aesthetics and design principles followed these days.
    They also teach basics of Javascript and they should be enough to give you a solid foundation of Web Design. They also have a Final exam at the end of the course. You will earn a Free certificate of completion if you score more than 80% in the exam.
    The Gymnasium Modern Web Design

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