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Earn Money by writing Software Reviews (List of 4 Websites)

Earn Money by writing Software Reviews

Software reviews are often overlooked when searching for online work. Most people are interested in writing paid reviews for physical products. However, there’s a whole different opportunity waiting for you that could earn you money for writing software reviews.

Those who regularly work with different desktop software and mobile apps might realize the importance of this opportunity. You can practically make money for sharing your experience of those apps with other users. All you need to do, is install a particular software on your PC/Laptop. Once you’re done installing, you can use and test the features of that app and share your feedback.

Some users have reported earning $1500 or more for doing such gigs. Once you get the hang of this it won’t take you more than 30 minutes.

Get Paid for Software Reviews: 4 Websites that Pay

Here’s a list of 4 websites where you can make money by writing software reviews:

  1. Capterra

    Capterra is a very popular online platform where you can find about your favorite software and read detailed reviews about them. They have a very strict criteria for shortlisting software and they have a detailed process for checking fake reviewers.
    What’s interesting is that they have an incentive program through which you can earn money for writing reviews. You can review any software that you have used in your life. Whether it’s Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft office or whatever. You can choose any of the software you are familiar with and write a detailed feedback about your experience.
    One thing to note is their incentive program isn’t always open. You have to create a reviewer account and wait for such opportunities. Usually you will be notified via email about paid opportunities.

    Payment Details

    Capterra pays its reviewers through Gift cards and Paypal. Of course, you can redeem those gift cards to get cash in return. Reviewers usually earn up to $50 to $150 for each feedback.

  2. Gartner

    Gartner is one of the leading IT solutions provider and review platform where you can find IT solutions relevant to many industries. You can either search IT solutions based on your favorite vendors but also the market type and products. Their platform is extremely user-friendly and very easy to search for and select specific IT solutions for your needs.
    Luckily they have a Peer Insights Program that pays you to write reviews about your favorite IT solutions. Before writing a review, always make sure that you have suitable experience with the software you want to write about. They have a careful selection process for reviews and only the most legitimate pieces get published.

    Payment Details

    For each review you write, you will earn a $10 gift card that can be exchanged to multiple currencies. There is no limit to how many reviews you can publish.

  3. G2Crowd

    G2Crowd is another software review based company that offers neutral, in-depth reviews on popular IT products. They have a huge list of categories of software to choose from. The main categories include E-commerce, Finance, IT, Project management, HR, Marketing, etc. They have over 750,000 users verified reviews on thousands of software products.
    They are offering their users a great opportunity to make money for writing honest and detailed reviews.

    Payment Details

    For every review, you will earn a $10 Amazon gift card or a $5 Starbucks card. You can choose any of these two options to get paid. If you want cash, you can easily exchange those gift cards for Paypal cash.
    Link for Amazon Gift card
    Link for Starbucks Gift card

  4. ApperWall

    Apperwall is a rewards-based application that pays you to review Android and iOS apps. It’s an easy option to earn a side income from anywhere you want. It literally takes no more than 5 to 10 minutes of your time to give your opinion.
    Once you sign up on the website, you will get daily email alerts about the latest earning opportunities. All you need to do is to install the app on your phone, test it, and leave a brief review of your experience with the app. It’s really that simple.

    Payment Details

    You will earn $1 per review. That means, if you review 1 app per day, you will earn $30 by the end of the month. It’s not a lot but it will surely supplement your main source of income.
    The company even has a referral program that lets you earn 10% of your friend’s earnings.
    Apperwall currently pays through Paypal.

If you like getting paid to write reviews, you might also like getting paid to Test Websites. Also if you’re good at writing essays, scripts, plays, stories etc., here are some Creative writing websites to join.

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