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How to earn money by writing lists for Listverse is basically a Blog that publishes and covers content on almost every area of life starting from entertainment and technology to nature and earth’s deepest mysteries and secrets. The basic idea behind was to present the content in the form of Top 10 lists related to all the above mentioned areas and to engage and educate readers from all over the world. And they have done very well so far. Listverse was chosen by among the top 25 blogs of 2011. They publish more than 3 of those interesting lists every day and with each new list come new facts and discoveries.

How to earn money by writing lists for Listverse

How to Write for ListVerse

If you are good at English and grammar and have a keen interest in what’s going on around you and want to share it with others then you should be able to earn a lot with Listverse.

They pay writers to write and publish those kinds of Top 10 lists that you can find on their website. All you need is some good writing skills and the passion for sharing information and that’s it. You will be having a great time with this website once you get the hang of it.

Rules for Writing Lists

Although there are some things that you have to be careful about while creating such lists. Here are the rules:

  1. Each list that you create must have more than 1500 words in it. Anything below the limit probably won’t get accepted. So make sure you know about what you are sharing and you should / detailed information.
  2. There should be a minimum 10 items in a list. So that means when you are creating a list make sure you are writing about 10 or more items. It is not mandatory that it should exactly be a Top 10 list. it could be Top 15 or Top 20 even.
  3. You don’t really have to post images / videos with the content you publish. Listverse adds images and videos on its own. However, if you feel the need to do so then just share the image or video links with each item in the list.
  4. Do not post Slideshows, infographics or already published content. Your list will most likely get rejected if you do so. Just keep to the point and write what you want.

Here‘s an example post that it already published on their website. This should give you a clear idea on how you should write your lists.

10 Misconceptions About Modern Earth

So it is that simple. First you need to do some research and decide what you’re going to write about and then you write and structure your article like the example given above. This should make things really easy for you.

To starting writing and publishing lists on Listverse click HERE.

Listverse Payment Details

The biggest surprise is yet to come. Listverse pays a whooping $100 for each list that gets approved. Yes that’s right! $100! So now you’ve got something to look forward to. But again don’t make any mistake, your list has to be approved to be eligible for payment. So make sure you follow all the rules and give your article every ounce of your effort before submitting it. Listverse pays through Paypal so make sure you have a valid Paypal account before you submit your list because you will be asked to enter it while submitting the list.

Final Word

You probably don’t need out verdict here because the website speaks for itself. It is so far one of the best websites that we have reviewed to help you earn money online. The payout is absolutely incredible and you don’t even have to give any test or interview to be able to start submitting articles. All you need to do is prepare a nice list with great facts and knowledge and submit it directly on the link that we shared above. Listverse can make you rich if you’re doing exactly what they want from you. So don’t waste time folks and start writing.

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34 thoughts on “How to earn money by writing lists for Listverse”

  1. Yay! my list got published! really can’t believe my list could be published in only one attempt! Thanks Webemployed!

    1. Hi I am from South Africa and I love the idea to submit an article for Listverse I’d like to know how long did it take for you to write a List and where did you get your ideas and information from? I love writing have a lot of imagination, can work on line all day to find various information imagine that I could do maybe three Lists a week

      1. Hi Andrew. If you read the guide thoroughly you will be able to grab a few hints on how to get started with it. The best way to write an article is to read a similar article, for example, and follow the same style and format. However, you have to make sure that the topic you have chosen is unique and hasn’t been published on the website before. To check if a similar topic exists, you can insert the keywords of your topic in the search bar on Listverse and check if there’s a match. If there isn’t then you are good to go. Hope it helps.

        1. Denise, can u help me with getting the mail id to apply for writing job? So, i can send some of my samples via mail.
          i am in love with writing and also sure that everybody’d like my unique content with no grammar error.

    2. hey.. i submitted my list yesterday, listverse said “we will contact you soon.” when it will mail or contact me..?? i mean in how much time you got replied from listverse..?

      1. Actually there is no fixed duration mentioned. You can only hope that your article gets reviewed within a week. For some people the duration has been 2 weeks and it can even take a month.


        dear friend,


        i also want to start writing the articles on listverse, but don’t know it’s format.
        can you do me a favor ? i mean, i just want to see your article and want to understand how the article looks like before submission on listverse.
        can you please send me that format on my mail (



      dear friend,


      i also want to start writing the articles on listverse, but don’t know it’s format.
      can you do me a favor ? i mean, i just want to see your article and want to understand how the article looks like before submission on listverse.
      can you please send me that format on my mail (


  2. Hi, I submitted an article to list verse over a month ago. How long does it usually take them to edit and contact me? Do they contact you even if your list is not accepted? I’m hoping that they even received my article in the first place and I’m not just waiting around for no good reason.

    1. There can be anyone of the two reasons. Either they didn’t approve your submission or your article is still under the review list. Due to large number of submissions it can take a bit more time than you think. You can however contact them at the email address: and ask the status of your article. I am hoping they will reply soon.

  3. maybe I’m being slow, but I’ve never used paypal before – when you submit your list, which ‘paypal address’ are you meant to use? I can’t find anything anywhere that suggests it is a home page as such for my account.

    1. Paypal account is where you will receive payments for your work. If you don’t have a paypal account you can ask you friends or relatives to give you their Paypal id. The payment will be sent on their Paypal id and they can transfer the money to you. The Paypal address is bbasically the Email address with which you have registered your Paypal account.

  4. tried signing up for a paypal account and I went to a halt about the postcode. Seriously what is listverse’s postcode? Any help is appreciated

      1. Thank you miss. How about when you sign up for a paypal account? Is it gon be business or personal? Tried business and I named it using Mr. Frater, because the instruction was about the owner of the business. Got confused there because the bank account is highly advised to have the same name as the paypal account.

  5. I have written several lists but the only problem am told is your links dont work.
    1;How do you get a specific bookmark for a statement?
    2;Can we get/form a group of writers who will edit our work and present it on our behalf?
    3;can the team of writers choose a specific and unwritten topic then present it to researchers to work on it individually then we present it to the editors to check and present it?
    4;this proposed group will comprise-1 editor and 5-6 researchers. Thats my proposal, for further contact, use

  6. Sounds interesting! Will give it a go. One question is that I am living in a country without PayPal and I am not 18 yet. I am also reluctant to ask my parents for they’re Credit Card. Any ideas on what I should do?

    1. You only need their Paypal ID so they can receive your payment and then give it to you. You don’t need a Credit car at all. If they haven’t signed up for paypal then ask them to. It will be their ID and you won’t be receiving payment directly.

  7. Hi, I submitted my first list few days ago and I’ve not gotten a reply yet. Please how long does it take? I’d appreciaTe if I can get a time range.


  8. Hi, I’ve been wanting to write for listverse. I just want to know how much time does it take before they send the $$$ to your paypal account once your article is published?

    1. There is no fixed duration. They have not mentioned any time limit although you might get a better answer if you contact them through their Contact us section.

  9. Listverse is not a good place for freelancers to get published.

    I submitted two articles to Listverse and in one case, they rejected the article outright. In the other case, they first had me revise the article, then rejected the article using the same form letter they used for the first submission. So basically, I wasted a total of 4 hours of week for no publications and no payment.

    Listverse sends out a form letter saying that they receive 150 submissions per day and only publish 3 of those. If that is accurate (who knows?), then there are 147 writers per day who spent time on their articles just like me and were not paid for all of their work. That is a terrible model for freelancing writers. I think the whole gig economy freelancing model is a ripoff that penalizes writers and puts the whole risk obligation on the writer and none on the publishing website. It’s an exploitative process. I have a full-time job already, so I am just going to look for more predictable and non-exploitative work than freelance writing.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. This shows that the possibility for the article to get published on Listverse is quite low. In this case the writers can use the content they wrote to publish it on other websites if it doesn’t get approved. There are other websites that pay writers to guest post on their blogs. This way your effort can still be compensated.

  10. It appears that Listverse no longer pays $100 for lists. Seems like they changed it recently because I was just looking at their site sometime within this month and thinking about writing for them.

  11. hello Andrew, did u tried to contact them via mail. i am also a writer and searching for work. can u please help me getting the mail.? so that i can show some of my samples to get some work

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