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Click Bank Affiliate Program: How to Join it and Earn Money

Earn money as an affiliate with ClickBank

ClickBank is one of the largest online marketplace for digital products and services and enables users to earn money online as an affiliate. The network tends to connect the best digital content creators with affiliate marketers to promote buying and selling of digital products all over the world. The company has its Headquarters in Boise, Idaho. ClickBank currently has over 100,000 active affiliate marketers and the number keeps on growing. The company claims to be offering more than 50,000 digital products to its affiliate members and provides services in more than 200 countries.


How to Join ClickBank Affiliate Program

There are two ways to apply at ClickBank. You can either apply as a Product creator (Advertiser) or a Digital Marketer (Affiliate Publisher).

Now since we want to discuss the part where we can earn money online without investment so we will only focus on the Digital Marketer part. Now, to start working as an Affiliate for ClickBank, you must know first that you will be selling “Digital” products not Real products.

ClickBank offers only digital products to be sold to the customers so you have to always keep that in mind when joining this affiliate program. Now those digital products may be E-books, Audio and Video courses belonging to the following categories:

  • Arts and Entertainment (E-books, Audio and Video courses)
  • Computers and Internet
  • Home and Garden
  • Games and Gambling
  • Education and Employment
  • Sports and Travel
  • Games and Fiction
  • Health and Fitness
  • Business and Entrepreneurship

And some other categories too. So there is a good number of categories and digital products waiting to be sold. You just have to be smart enough to choose which products you can sell more and what products will get you the best commission. You can browse through different categories and their commission details are mentioned right in front of them like this:

clickbank products

Steps to Join

So it’s pretty easy for you to choose and find the products that you’re looking for by applying the filters on the left hand side. Once you choose a product you will be given a product link and your Affiliate-ID attached to it to track your sales.

So your commission will be recorded based on your sales performance and paid to you. You will be getting comprehensive reports and analytics on the number of sales you have products for each product.

Now there are different approaches that you can follow to generate sales for those products:

  1. If you own a website or a blog you can add banners and ads with the affiliate link attached to them. The more traffic your website or blog gets, the more chances you will be able to generate sales and commissions.
  2. You can create a one-page website or a Landing page where you will try to explain the product that you want to sell and link the “Buy Now” button with your Affiliate link. To see some good landing page examples click HERE.
  3. You can post your affiliate links on Social media and related online forums where people are discussing those products. You can get an enormous amount of sales by this method.

To join and earn money online from ClickBank Affiliate program please click HERE.

ClickBank Affiliate Features

There are some features and facilities that ClickBank provides to its Affiliate marketers:

  • Quick buy and fast track sales
  • Orders forms optimized with smartphones to enable mobile payments
  • Lower processing fees for top performing affiliates
  • Create your own custom order form with your own branding
  • Subscription management for customer retention
  • 24/7 Customer service and support

ClickBank facilitates its affiliate member by offering some really good solutions to boost their sales and keep them motivated. You will also be getting a lot of promotions and deals to attract your customers. They even allow you to set your own Refund policy terms with customers.

ClickBank Payment Details

ClickBank offers good commissions on products starting from 5% to 75%. So you can earn a lot if you’re good at marketing. They pay through Direct Deposit and Wire Transfer. If your bank does not support International Direct Deposit then ClickBank offers direct Wire transfer to your bank accounts. The cost of a wire payment is $35. Payments are made in US dollars so you better get a Dollar account before requesting a payment. The payment threshold amount is $100 so you can only withdraw once your account reaches this amount.

Final Word offers a great and stable affiliate system for marketers and sellers worldwide. Whether you have a website or not you can still join the program as an affiliate and start earning commissions on every product that you can sell. Although you will have to be very active in online marketing.

Again I would like to mention that unless you’re not interested in selling Digital products, this program is not for you. Even if you have never sold a digital product before you can always start because it’s easy and it’s fun.

The advantage in selling digital products is that they get sold immediately unlike physical products which take days in the shipping process. So it’s a nice realm to explore.

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