How to earn extra cash by testing websites on UserTesting


UserTesting is a web testing platform that helps clients get feedback from users across the globe for their websites, apps, games etc. Founded is 2007, the company aims to provide honest feedback from real people to help companies improve their brand and create better user experiences. So how does it work? Well, the companies or clients pay UserTesting to have their websites/apps tested to point out any problems they encounter. UserTesting hires testers to provide feedback and get paid a standard fee for it.usertesting


UserTesting works like any other testing website out there. The company needs average internet users to become testers so that they get genuine and honest feedback from them. Such feedback includes problems the testers ran into while visiting the website, anything that wasn’t clear, the user interface was not friendly enough or not easy to understand. Simply put, you do not need to posses any technical skill set to test websites. The only thing you should know is the basics of how websites work and English proficiency. So here are the steps to help you get started:

  1. Click on Get Paid to Test or register HERE.earn cash by testing websites on usertesting
  2. Confirm your email address and proceed to application.
  3. The next step is to download a recording software. The software will record your screen actions and your answers to help the clients understand better.earn cash by testing websites on usertesting
  4. Next, you will be asked to record a sample video for the company to review. Before that, you can watch an applicants sample video to get an idea of what you are expected to do.earn cash by testing websites on usertesting
  5. Once your video audition is approved, you can login to your account and start working from your dashboard.
  6. The dashboard will show you tabs for available tests you can apply for, tests you have done and of course your profile.earn cash by testing websites on usertesting
  7. Carefully read the requirements for the test you want to apply for, then click on View Test to get started.


You need to know the following things to get started:

  • You need a microphone to become tester.
  • In order to test websites you have to download a screen recording software.
  • Any one from around the world can become a tester.
  • The tests will be posted from time to time so you should keep checking daily.


A little heads up on what kind of tests will be offered.

  • A standard computer test, to provide feedback on websites.
  • App test, where you test out a mobile application.
  • Prototype test, where the users test websites or apps that haven’t been finished yet.
  • Peek test, where clients just want your opinion about their website/app.


UserTesting pays its workers through PayPal. Each test pays around $3-$10 per feedback. Usually these test can take about 15 to 20 mins to complete. The payment of tests depend upon the kind of you apply for. If the test requires you to talk more or to spend more time on it, then you get paid more. Once you complete a test, the company will pay you exactly 7 days later.


The website is legit to work on and is rated well for their prompt payment. That said, the users should remember that this platform should not be substituted for a full or part time job. However, its a good place as any to earn extra cash. If you join do remember that you get a few tests per month, but they are worth your while. If you have any more questions, you can always check out there FAQ page. In the mean while you can also check out other website testing platforms like TryMyUi or Enroll App. You should also check 15 websites that pay you to work as a Website tester.

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