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33 Companies who use Skype to take Online Job Interviews

Companies online job interviews Skype

In this guide we are going to cover an interesting and undiscovered topic that has kept many job seekers and fresh graduates wondering. We have carefully collected and compiled a list of companies who hire employees by taking Skype interviews. For those who don’t know, Skype is a popular video chatting and conferencing solution available for both consumers and business all over the world. You can download it for free and chat with your friends and colleagues. But for this particular guide it is serving a very important purpose: To find the companies who use it to hire potential employees.

Most of the companies that we have found are well-known organizations that almost everyone knows about. Surprising right? If you knew some big organizations that offer jobs though Skype interview wouldn’t you want to apply for them right away? This guide is particularly useful for those who cannot apply to companies located in Companies job interviews Skypeanother country. It’s also useful for those who are comfortable with giving interviews from the comfort of their home, rather than traveling all the way to the company’s office. Glassdoor has helped us in our search to narrow down the best companies and provided us first-hand experiences of Interviewees.

So here are the companies and organizations we have discovered so far:


UNICEF is working in about 190 countries worldwide to save children’s lives, defending their rights and helping them fulfilling their dreams. They hire people from all countries to help them achieve their mission. Surprisingly they are using the popular software Skype to take online interviews of candidates and selecting them for job roles.

Interview Questions at UNICEF

UNICEF’s Selection Process

Apply for a Job at UNICEF


Exxon Mobile corporation is multi-national oil and gas company based in Texas, United States. It’s one of the most popular oil and gas companies in the world. They have over 73,000 employees working for them. Fortunately, they select candidates through online interviews on Skype followed by on-campus and technical interviews.

ExxonMobil’s Selection Process

Apply for a Job at ExxonMobil


LearnLight is an online platform for learning global languages and soft skills. They provide paid teaching opportunities for candidates from all countries. You can opt for becoming a virtual teacher, face-to-face teacher or a skills trainer. They also hire candidates through online interviews using Skype.

Interview Questions at LearnLight

Apply for a Job at LearnLight


Would you believe if we told you you could apply for a job at UEFA, that is the Union of European Football Associations and qualify for an online Skype interview with them? Sounds prestigious but it’s true. You could easily land a job at UEFA without traveling all the way there.

Interview Questions at UEFA

UEFA’s Selection Process

Apply for a Job at UEFA


Microchip is the world’s leading micro-controller and signal systems provider. Their chips and devices are used in almost all countries and they are well known for providing excellent technical support. They also use Skype to select potential candidates online before other advanced selection stages.

MicroChip’s Selection Process

Apply for a Job at Microchip

Wall Street English

The famous provider of English language learning platform also uses Skype to shortlist potential candidates for English teaching jobs. They invite English language experts from all countries to join their platform. There are also some other companies that allow you to teach English online and earn money but we are not sure if they use Skype for interviews or not.

Interview Questions at Wall Street English

Apply for a Job at Wall Street English

Porsche Consulting

The popular car manufacturer Porsche has also made it to our list of awesome companies that take Skype interviews. Apparently they have mentioned in their application process that they use Skype to take interviews of their job candidates. Amazing right? It’s never too late to apply for a job at Porsche.

Porsche Selection Process

Apply for a Job at Porsche Consulting

Club Med

Club Med is a French private company that specializes in all-inclusive holiday resorts. They operate vacation villages at many locations around the world. They also use Skype as a medium to find potential employees. Who knows you might even get a free vacation trip while working for them.

Interview Questions at Club Med

Club Med’s Recruitment Process

Apply for a Job at Club Med


ATSILS is a well known legal services provider in Queensland, Australia. If you’re a lawyer or in the process of becoming one, this company presents a good opportunity to apply for a job and give an online interview on Skype before you are called for on-site interview.

Interview Requirements at ATSILS

Apply for a Job at ATSILS

KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)

KAUST University offers academic jobs to qualified experts in all subjects related to Technology and Science. They have a nice interactive career portal where you can apply for jobs. The good news is they use Skype to conduct initial job interviews.

Interview Questions at KAUST

Apply for Job at KAUST

Kings Summer

Kings summer is one of the leading Residential summer centers provider in the United States and Vacation Extra centers in the UK for children with ages ranging from 3 to 18. They are known for their high quality summer programs and courses. You can apply as Teacher / Trainer for their summer programs through their career website and get interviewed with Skype.

Apply for a Job at Kings Summer


Automattic is basically the company behind WordPress and is well-known for its valuable contributions for the Development of WordPress and its plugins. The good news is Automattic hires experts using the popular chatting software “Skype”. You could actually apply at this amazing corporation and get interviewed online.

Apply for a Job at Automattic

MSF UK (Medecins Sans Frontiers)

Medecins Sans Frontiers also known as “Doctors without Borders” is an International humanitarian organization that runs multiple projects in developing countries to treat endemic diseases. If you have the passion to work as a doctor or a medical practitioner for a helping cause then you can apply at MSF UK and appear in an online interview.

MSF UK Application Process

Apply for a Job at MSF UK


Aldi is the owner of two supermarket chains with more than 10,000 stores in 20 countries. You can easily make a career in the retail industry by applying for job at ALDI. It won’t be easy to get in there but at least you can have an online interview with them to showcase your skills.

Interview Questions at ALDI

Apply for a Job at ALDI

BT Group (British Telecommunications)

BT Groups is a huge group that owns the British Telecommunications plc. Their aim is to make the world a better place by using the power of telecommunication. They are one of the biggest providers of fixed-line voice and Broadband services in the UK. They also use Skype to take preliminary interviews of candidates applying for a job role.

Interview Questions at BT Group

Apply for a Job at BT Group


Trivago is a German multi-national company that deals in online services related to hotel and lodging. They provide users an online price comparison of the best and cheapest hotels through a very user-friendly interface. Presently they take job interviews online through Skype. You can apply through their online job portal.

Interview Questions at Trivago

Apply for a Job at Trivago


Amadeus is a multi-national company that offers online reservation services for travel deals all across the globe. They allow businesses to connect to the global travel ecosystem and manage operations effectively. You can apply to be a part of their corporate team online and have your first interview on Skype.

Interview Questions at Amadeus

Apply for a Job at Amadeus


FlixBus is an European company that offers inter-city bus services in Europe. The aim of the company is to offer an alternate and a better solution compared to the train services provided by Deutsche Bahn. They offer bus travel to 1400 destinations in 27 different countries.

Interview Questions at FlixBus

Apply for a Job at FlixBus


AlphaSights is an International IT services based company that focuses on connecting prospective clients with experts in Technology. They basically help their clients transform their businesses and make smarter moves. AlphaSights provides their expertise in all industries. You can apply for a job through their recruitment platform and hopefully get a Skype interview call.

Interview Questions at AlphaSights

Apply for a Job at AlphaSights

Philips Lighting

Philips, as we all know is a global market leader that develops and manufactures innovative LED lighting solutions. They are not only known for their creative products but also for their vibrant workplaces that their employees love. Good news is they also take preliminary job interviews through Skype.

Interview Questions at Philips

Apply for a Job at Philips

Disney English

Yes, that’s right. The famous Disney English (subsidiary of the Disney Publishing) also recruits potential employees through Skype software. They specialize in English language training for kids in China. A number of candidates have reported positive interview experiences with them. Make sure you drop your CV there.

Interview Questions at Disney English

Apply for a Job at Disney English


MorningStar is a US based research firm focused on investment research and management. They are providing services in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. They offer multiple stock exchange, ETF, rating data tools to improve your decision making. You can apply for a job online and setup an interview with them.

Interview Questions at MorningStar

Apply for a Job at MorningStar


AutoTask is a popular IT Business management software provider that offers CRM, service desk, RMM, Billing and Time services all in one platform. You can become a part of the AutoTask team by applying through their career website. Hopefully if you are shortlisted you will be called for an online interview.

Interview Questions at AutoTask

Apply for Job at AutoTask


Fidessa is a UK based investment services and management company that offers various services related to investment data analytics and market data. They are one of the leading investment and trading companies in the UK they have a huge number of clients. Reportedly they also take Skype interviews with their selected candidates.

Interview Questions at Fidessa

Apply for a Job at Fidessa


Yelp is one of the Internet’s most popular websites that specializes in user reviews. They provide user reviews and recommendations about hotels, restaurants, shopping, food and entertainment all over the United States. They too have been known to conduct online interviews through Skype software. This is a great opportunity for those seeking a position at the top Internet companies.

Interview Questions at Yelp

Apply for a Job at Yelp

Delft University of Technology

So we have found a University that takes online interviews with Skype software. If you are not aware of it, Delft University is the oldest and largest Dutch public Technology university. It’s located in Delft, Netherlands. You can apply for career positions through their online portal and you will get an online interview call if you’re lucky.

Interview Questions at Delft University

Apply for a Job at Delft University

Reynolds and Reynolds

Reynolds and Reynolds is a famous Canadian company that is providing Business management software solutions in the automotive industry. They have a good number of car dealership clients that have subscribed to their software services. You can make a career at Reynolds and Reynolds by applying through their career website and appear in an online interview.

Interview Questions at Reynolds and Reynolds

Apply for a Job at Reynolds and Reynolds


Planit is an international Software Testing and Digital solutions company that have a team of Software testing experts. They also offer testing consultancy and training services to their clients all over the world. If you want to make a career in Software testing industry then you should definitely apply for a job there.

Interview Questions at Planit

Apply for a Job at Planit

AEON Corporation of Japan

If you want to build a career as a English teacher in Japan then look no further than AEON Corporation of Japan. AEON is an awesome company that offers English teaching jobs to those who are good at it. For some people this might be the easiest and most comfortable job position, especially when you can give interview through Skype.

Interview Questions at AEON Corporation

Apply for a Job at AEON Corporation

Gulf Drilling International (GDI)

Gulf Drilling International is one of the oldest and most popular oil & gas drilling company in Qatar. Presently, they are offering job to potential candidates from all countries to join their team and establish a long term career. Best part is they also take interviews through Skype to select potential job seekers.

GDI’s Hiring Process

Apply for a Job at GDI

TOA Global

If you’re looking to make a career as an Accountant, a Bookkeeper or a Digital marketer then look no further than TOA Global. They hire you and place you in an accounting team in USA, Australia or New Zealand. You will have a great opportunity to learn and work among the best accounting professionals across the globe.

TOA Global’s Hiring Process

Apply for a Job at TOA Global

St. Joseph Health

St. Joseph Health is an integrated healthcare delivery system that serves residents of United States and Mexico. They have multiple healthcare programs running throughout the year that people can take advantage of. You can apply for a growing career by submitting your CV and giving your interview on Skype.

St. Joseph Health’s Hiring Process

Apply for a Job at St. Joseph Health

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB)

Want a Job at a growing Radio and TV corporation? Oregon Public Broadcasting offers really good career opportunities in that area and you get to have a chance of giving an online interview. Just apply through their online job portal and wait for your turn to be a part of one of the best radio companies.

OPB’s Hiring Process

Apply for a Job at OPB

These are the Skype interview companies that we have been able to find as of yet. If you know of any other organization that uses Skype to hire potential employees then let us know by commenting in the comments section below. Meanwhile you can also check out these websites where you can find online remote jobs. We’ll be back with another resourceful jobs guide in near future.

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