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How to build a Graphic Design Career: 5 Websites that Pay

Graphic Designing has become a very popular profession among IT professionals and freelancers. Building a graphic design career is easy if you give it your full focus. Consistency is the key. It’s best to enroll for a graphics course or degree before you start looking for work opportunities.

More and more people are joining this field because they see the potential in it. Its a profession that is well suited for freelancing if you have the knack for it. There are a many companies and websites that hire graphic designers to work for them. And they get paid really well. We have complied a list of 5 best websites for graphic designers to earn online.

List of Graphic Designing Websites:

Here are the best freelance graphic design job websites that Internet has to offer:How to build graphic design career

  1. Creative Market

    Creative Market is one of the best platforms for graphic designers to create and sell web designs including logos, templates etc. User can create their own shops and earn by selling their designs. By becoming a shop owner you get to create your own products and update them whenever you wish and once the products are uploaded, they will go live immediately. Whats great about this platform is that there’s no penalty for selling your designs on other websites.

    Payment Details

    Creative Marketing allows designers to set their own prices and update them if required. The designers will get 70% for each sale. Creative Market pays its designers though Bank Deposit and PayPal. For more information regarding the hows check their FAQs page.

  2. 48hourslogo

    48hourslogo is a huge market place for buying and selling logos. Launched in 2010, the company has grown rapidly and now boasts more than 3 million logos and 40,000 clients. This particular website is for proper graphic designers and not newbies. To grow your graphic design career you need to have a good portfolio. The way it works is, if the client wants a logo they start a logo design contest for it. Once the contest goes live, the designers can opt in for the competition and have to design a logo within 48 hours. Within that time the client will have a variety of designs to choose from.

    Payment Details

    The cost for the logo is named by the client and is usually between $99 to $300. If your design is chosen by the client, you get paid the prize money. The company pays its designers through PayPal and Stripe. For more information check out their FAQs page.

  3. Inkd

    Inkd is an online marketplace for print designs that include pamphlets, logos, cards, menus etc. Launched in 2009, the company now has round about 2000 original design templates. How this online marketplace works is; the designers after signing up build store fronts to show case their designs and templates for sale. A few simple steps that designers need to follow are to first choose the type of product you want to build e.g brochure; download a template from the website to ensure proper standards and after designing, upload the file. Once you upload the design; reviewers will review it for quality check and approve the work, which will then be uploaded on the website for sale.

    Payment Details

    The designers earn through commissions on their work. Every time a client buys your design or template, you earn a  20% commission for each sale. The sale price of each design rages from $39$99. The company pays its designers through PayPal and Bank Check. The threshold for payment is $25. For more information check out their FAQs page.

  4. 99designs

    99designs is another great graphic design marketplace for freelance designers. The website launched in 2008 and quickly became one of the largest design selling platform, with over $200 million worth of designs sold up to date. To start working as a freelance designer you have to create your profile for the public to see; you can then find contests that interest you and submit you designs there. That’s how you build your customer base and your portfolio, by submitting designs to contests and engaging with customers. Remember, entry level designers can only entry 10 contests per month. Here’s a guide that explains step-by-step how to get started with 99Designs.

    Payment Details

    99designs pay their designers through Payoneer and PayPal. Every time a designer wins a contest, the prize earnings transfer to their account. The minimum payout you can request is $25. To know more about 99designs and its working check out their FAQs page.

  5. AwesomeWeb

    Awesomeweb is a freelance website that caters mostly to graphic designers and website designers. Launched in 2014, the company allows entry level designers to grow and build their portfolios as well. This gives you a good opportunity to build your graphic design career. The first thing you need to start with is signing up; then select your skills and upload your graphic projects. Once your profile goes public, clients will directly message to hire you. An important thing to remember is, that every account gets reviewed for quality control before going public for clients to hire.

    Payment Details

    AwesomeWeb doesn’t charge freelancers with any fees or take any percentage of your share in project payment. However, the company does charge $27/month to keep your account. But the best part is if you don’t get any clients for that month, the company gives you your money back. Freelancers set up their own rates and get paid directly by clients. Both parties agree to a payment gateway of their choice. For more information check out their website.

With these platforms, you should be able to build your portfolio and generate steady income. Meanwhile, here are some websites where you can make money by selling miniature paintings and portraits.

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