10 Mobile apps that let you earn money from your phone

earn money from phone

Want to make some quick cash? Wouldn’t it be easy if it was on your smart phone? Well we have made a guide to help you find the best apps to earn money from phone! The following apps let you do just that from your Android and iOS devices. In today’s world you can simply make money by watching videos online, taking surveys, filling up forms, taking pictures and other similar tasks.  It has never been more easier, provided that you don’t need to make some serious cash. But other than that, the following apps let you make some decent money on the side. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and lets start!earn money from phone

Here’s a comprehensive guide for the best money making apps:

  1. Field Agent

    Field Agent is an app that allows you to make money by completing tasks in your specific area. The tasks include simple assignments that can be do on your cell phone. The app works in a way that, the “clients” contact FieldAgent to get specific kind of data, the app then uses its “agents” or the individuals that accept the task, to gather that specific information required by the client.

    The data collection required by most tasks include audio, video, opinions or feedback. These jobs are simple assignments that you can complete at everyday places like a visit to your local grocery store or meeting a friend to get information. Simply “accept” the job and once you complete it, submit it for verification and approval.

    How does Field Agent Pay

    The amount of money you can earn depends on the type of job you accept. On average you can earn $2 to $12 per job. Field Agent makes payments though PayPal and Dwolla. And what’s good about this app is that there is no minimum threshold to withdraw payments. However the payments can take 7 business days to follow though. So once your work is accepted, your earnings will be deposited in your account which you can cash out whenever needed.

  2. Bitwalking

    Bitwalking is another useful app that lets you earn money by simply walking about. Yes that’s right! The more you move, the more money you make. Bitwalking is a relatively new app, it helps you generate money aka walking dollars (W$) with every step you take. The only downside is that it’s not easy money, this means you have to walk at least 10,000 steps to earn $1.

    The good thing about this app is, that it has its own store. So either you can redeem your earnings against the items present in its online store, or can cash out your money through your bank account.

    How does Bitwalking Pay

    According to its developers, cash earned from this app can be transferred to your bank account and this digital cash can also be redeemed against items from its own store. Currently the service exists only in countries like the UK, Kenya, Malawi and Japan. Although the currency cannot be of any use right now, but the developers state their future plans to automate the cash exchange.

  3. Pact

    Pact is one of the more unconventional apps to make money online. This app focuses on keeping you fit and healthy by focusing on your exercise regime.

    How it works is; that you simply have to commit to a meal and exercise plan that you are comfortable with and then you have to pledge the amount that you will pay if you miss those targets you’ve set for yourself. So once you complete your target, you will get a reward for that directly from those members who fail to achieve theirs. So basically you get rewards from other member’s unsuccessful pledges. But mind you, it works both ways. If you fail to achieve your own targets, you end up paying instead so be careful!

    How does Pact Pay

    Pact allows you to withdraw your cash rewards though PayPal. However, the minimum amount you can withdraw at a time is 10$. According to the company, the average reward you make per week ranges from $0.30$5 depending on the number of targets you commit to. So its a pretty useful app if you are looking to earn some cash and stay fit.

  4. SlideJoy

    SlideJoy is another cool app that allows you to earn money without doing anything. And yes you really don’t have to do anything there’s no catch. Here you simply earn a little money by allowing the app to put advertisements on your lockscreen.

    The app puts adds on your lockscreen, every time you turn it on. So you have the option of either ignoring the add by sliding on your right to unlock your phone or engaging with it by swiping left. Either way is doesn’t increase or decrease the cash you earn. What is does is by engaging with the advertisement, the algorithm learns your add preference and produces relevant adds.

     How does Slidejoy Pay

    As said before SlideJoy pays through adds put on your phone. Whether you engage with them or not it doesn’t affect the payment. You get payments daily in form of “carats” and those earning reflect on your app which you can exchange for money. The app pays you through PayPal or gift cards. The gift cards includes stores like Starbucks, ebay, Amazon and more. To checkout your cash you’ll need a minimum of 2000 carats, where 1000 carats amount to $1.

    Another important thing to remember is that there is no specific amount that you get. The amount can change monthly or daily, depending on the advertisers. This app for now is available in India, US, Canada, Brazil and most of the European countries and it has plans to expand in other countries as well.

  5. Foap 

    Foap is a well know app that lets you earn money by selling your photos online. Its as simple as it gets; you take any kind of photos on your smart phone, upload it and sell it on the Foap market. The companies affiliated with Foap will buy them and the company will split the cash with you 50/50. And whats great about this is that the app sells every photo for $10! Which means you make $5 on every picture you sell. A man once made $4000 by selling his photos online! That’s how much money you can make easily.

    Another good point is that you can sell the same picture for unlimited number of times. Companies like Bank of America, Nivea, Vodka and Pepsi are one of the many companies that buy from Foap. You can create your portfolio for the companies to see and even get feedback from other Foapers. The worlds largest brands offer  Foap missions where the companies give out big cash rewards for selling a picture, and the commission splits 50%. How cool is that?

    How does Foap Pay

    Foap uses PayPal to make payments.

  6. Mobee

    Mobee is a helpful app that lets you earn money while helping companies improve their businesses. Strictly based in the US; this app pays you to check stores, take pictures, write reviews, time their customer services and other small tasks. Such information given by you, helps these local business improve themselves.The app displays missions on a map to find a nearby assignment, once you complete the task at hand, the Mobee team checks out your submission and finally credits points to your account. You can redeem these points for gift cards or cash rewards. You can even earn extra cash by inviting other users! 

    How does Mobee Pay

    Companies affiliated with Mobee provide gift cards for the points you have earned. Such companies include Starbucks, Target, Mc Donalds etc. However you’ll need a minimum of 350 points to claim your first prize. You can either get a gift card, or cash reward or donate your earning to charity. Mobee uses Visa gift card to cash out your payments. The minimum payout is $5, which is roughly 500 points.

  7. Ibotta

    Ibotta lets you earn cash rebates for every purchase you make from a number of stores and brands. This app is especially useful for grocery shopping. How it works is that you buy products from a Ibotta supported stores and send a photo of your receipt to the app. And within 48 hours you will have your money deposited to your account! You can also unlock cash rewards by completing small tasks at home. Ibotta has about 241 stores that support the app. These include Target, Walmart, Kroger, CVs, Walgreens and many more!

    How does Ibotta Pay

    Ibotta uses PayPal and Venmo to cash out your rewards. Further more you also have the option to choose from a variety of gift cards. You can also link a loyalty account to earn rewards when you shop.

  8. MiPic

    MiPic is an app that lets designers and photographers earn money by uploading their pictures and turning them into products. It is like a market place for your pictures, where these pictures can be printed into a number of products and bought by users directly from that platform.

    The creators of the image can print their designs or pictures on a number of items available online, and the buyers then buy those products. One thing to note is that for now, this app is only available on iOS devices and not andriod.

    How does MiPic Pay

    MiPic uses PayPal to credit payments to its users. The commission for every sale is split 20/80. Where 20% of the sale price goes to the creator of the image.

  9. Google Opinion Rewards

    Google Opinion Rewards helps you earn a little money by answering surveys on your phone. The app rewards you for sharing your opinion and then credits a small amount on your google play account. Here you can redeem your balance by getting anything that’s on sale there.

    How does Google Opinion Rewards Pay

    By completing surveys you earn anywhere from 10 cents to a dollar. Just answer some questions and earn points to buy movies, apps, books on google play.

  10. Gigwalk

    Gigwalk is another cool money making app that pays you for working small gigs. This app allows you to find quick jobs in your area. The map displays the gig by a pin showing the job location. These small jobs can take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours to complete hence making the payment for the job worth while. Remember you can do all the work through your phone including simple things like noting the price of a milk carton at a grocery store.

    How does Gigwalk Pay

    Gigwalk pays its workers though PayPal. And the gigs pay from $3 to $100 depending on how much you are willing to work. Simply link you PayPal account to your Gigwalk account to receive payments.

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