Participate in the NSE Challenge to win a Job at UK’s top services firm PwC

NSE Challenge is the National Schools Employability Challenge that has been launched by in conjunction with PwC which is currently UK’s top professional services firm. The basic idea of the challenge is to find talent all across the country, to give them good career opportunities and encourage young students to aim and compete for their careers. This is an equal opportunity for young people to assess their employability skills and get rewarded handsomely if they win. There is no fees or specific requirements involved. Everyone who is currently studying can take advantage of this great opportunity and win a great job.

 What’s in the challenge

If you’re a student and want to participate in the NSE challenge then you will have to go through a 3 Stage process. Applying for the challenge is very easy, you only have to fill an online registration form to register yourself as a participant and the challenge will begin as soon as you are registered. You can find out about each stage in detail below:

1st Stage

The first stage of the challenge comprises of a very simple personality test. The test will contain 8 multiple choice questions that you will have to answer in 5 minutes. The result will be in the form of percentage which will determine how employable you actually are. The main idea of this quiz is to test a few characteristics about your personality which include:

  • Initiative
  • Attitude
  • Motivation
  • Ambition
  • Team work
  • Leadership qualities

The best way to go about is test is to be truthful and answer each question honestly. Once you have completed the test you will be notified about the results immediately. You need to score 70% or more to pass the test. However, you have the option to take this test as many times as you want. You will only be eligible to enter the 2nd round if you have passed this test.

2nd Stage

When you have passed the 1st stage, you will be entered into the 2nd stage. The 2nd stage also consists of a quiz but this quiz will be a comprehension based exercise. The exercise consists of 2 parts A and B. In the part A you will again be asked to answer 8 multiple choice questions which will be about the Application process of employment. In order to pass the part A you will have to score 75% or more in the quiz. Once you have passed the quiz, you will be emailed a link to the Part B of the 2nd stage in which you’ll have to answer 3 comprehension based questions. If you are able to pass the Part B, you will  become eligible for the Final Round.

3rd Stage (Final)

When you have passed both the 1st and 2nd stage tests, you have a great chance to participate for the Final round. The top 10 participants who have performed well in the first 2 rounds will be invited to the Final challenge which will take place in London at PwC’s office. On the Final day you will be able to roam around the city to and you will also be invited to take a tour at the PwC’s London office. The Final event will consist of a three stage evaluation process which involves:

  • Psychometric tests
  • Interview Clinic
  • Group Task

The finalists will also be entered in to training sessions and workshops to help them with their future careers. The winner of the competition will be offered a Job at PwC along with a brand new iPad. The Final round will be held on 10th April, 2015.

Few important things to know about the Challenge

  • You will be able to retake the 1st round of the competition but you will not be allowed to retake the 2nd round. You will only be able to to take the 2nd round test once so give it your best shot.
  • You can only take the 1st and 2nd round’s part A tests in a single session. However, you will be able to take time for the part B of the second round which requires you to answer detailed questions.
  • The test conducting organization will cover Travel expenses for the Final event up to £100. That means only the candidates belonging to the cities and countries nearby will be able to benefit from it. So make sure you keep your travel tickets with you in order to get a refund.
  • Everyone is eligible to enter the competition however, only the students of years 12 – 13 (Lower and Upper sixth) will be eligible to attend the Final event.
  • The Winner of the Final round will be offered a Job at PwC and will also get a brand new iPad. Two runners up of the competition will receive iPad mini.

How to Apply for the Challenge

You can enter the challenge by filling the online registration form available at: REGISTRATION FORM

That’s all about the NSE challenge. The best way to perform well in the challenge is to answer all the questions honestly and do some research for the 2nd round’s questions. Only a few best performing candidates will be invited for the final event so don’t be upset if you are not one of them. In fact, it is a privilege to participate in a Global competition like this one and be acknowledged among your friends and class mates. Do share this amazing opportunity with your friends and relatives.

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