Newly launched generic TLDs bring opportunities for small and large businesses

As some of you may already know about the launch of new generic Top level domains by ICANN and the popularity they are getting with every passing day. It all started in 2012 when companies were invited to submit applications to register for new gtlds for an initial price of $185,000. ICANN received a total of 1,930 applications in-spite of the overall expectancy to be very low and the figure was taken very positively by the authorities. Some of the technology giants including Google, Microsoft and Amazon also applied for new gtlds, Google having filed the most number of strings (101) among them. The first four new gtld agreements were signed in July, 2013 and more than 400 gtlds have been delegated as of now. .xyz has so far been the most successful gtld with over 300,000 domain registrations followed by .guru and .club. A total of more than 2,000,000 new generic tld domains have been registered and the number is expected to grow fast.

So has it been a success? clearly it has, in-fact such a huge number of registrations in this very short period of time has surprised most of the domain sellers and web oriented businesses. If that’s not shocking enough, was recently sold for $100,000 which has proven to be an extremely profitable transaction for .Club. Many famous Domain registrars including Godaddy and have already felt its importance and have started selling domain names from different gtlds. Some experts are still criticizing the idea and believe that these new gtlds will create a lot of confusion among the consumers and it will make the whole domain registration process very complicated, however most of the companies and brands have started to accept this idea and are willing to adopt this trend.

Types of gTLDs

There are three types of gtlds that are being launched, Open, Closed and Restricted. Open gtlds are those that can be applied for and registered by anyone, the best example of this would be the same procedure that you go through when registering a .com or .net domain. Closed gtlds are those that are restricted to certain brand names and only those brands can purchase them, for example, Restricted gtlds are the ones that can be registered by users who fulfill a particular criteria. For example, if you want to register a .paris domain then your business or office would have to be based in Paris.

What’s coming next?

After getting a great response from the public, ICANN has decided to keep the project going and as a result new gtlds are being introduced everyday as we speak. To see the latest and previous delegations made by ICANN visit HERE. Businesses have already started to realize the importance of the idea and they are in the process of registering new gtlds that match there businesses. It is expected that more than 1300 new gtlds will be launched in the coming year which will include names based on geographic locations for example, .london, .italy, .newyork, brand names like .google, .amazon, professions like .law, .build and other generics. So, the domain name industry is expected to evolve very quickly after the launch of this new trend and businesses and brands will be able to compete with each other in a completely different way.

Just to help you decide the direction in which to look, here are the top 5 best performing gtlds:

  1. .xyz with more than 695,000 domains
  2. .berlin with over 150,000 domains
  3. .club with over 125,000 domains
  4. .realtor with over 80,000 domains
  5. .wang with over 80,000 domains
  6. .guru with over 75,000 domains
  7. .ovh with over 50,000 domains
  8. .nyc with over 49,000 domains
  9. .london with over 49,000 domains
  10. .photography with over 46,000 domains

Where to register the new gtld domains?

Many of the most popular domain registrars have adopted the gtld trend and are offering domain names based on those gtlds to the consumers. So if you are a business, a brand, an organization, a professional or even young individual who’s yet to make a career, you can take advantage of this great opportunity and register your first gtld domain name.,, and are offering domain registration services at very competitive rates varying with different gtlds, so it is better to do some research on what type of gtld should suit you best before finally selecting one.

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