Blind Applying program allows students to apply and get hired worldwide

Many of you may have seen many cases where people believe that they are not able to get good jobs just because they are from a difference race or a different ethnic background and other people who come to know about such incidents get discouraged and. It is a general perception that applying for a

Top 5 Highest In-Demand jobs of 2014 around the world

In 2012, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) announced that there would be a 22% increase in IT jobs all around the globe by 2020. However it is also suspected that the projected growth rate will not be enough to accommodate all IT graduates so it is being taken as a bad sign. However

How to make money online by Micro-tasking on Crowdflower is a data collection and data mining company that offers a data enrichment platform for their clients from all over the world. The company was established in December 2007 and it is based in the Mission district of San Francisco. The company has been offering data cleaning and labeling services for customers and claims

How to make money online by selling Teaching resources on TeachersPayTeachers is a great marketplace for Teachers and all those related to the Education sector to create, buy and sell all sorts of teaching resources to and from other teachers. The website was launched in 2006 and since then it has grown very fast and has transformed into a very friendly community for Teachers and

How to earn money online by writing lists for Listverse is basically a Blog that publishes and covers content on almost every area of life starting from entertainment and technology to nature and earth’s deepest mysteries and secrets. The basic idea behind was to present the content in the form of Top 10 lists related to all of the above mentioned areas and to

How to make money online as Freelancer on Demand Media Studios

Demand Media Studios is an online content and social media company based in USA. The company is very well known among people and brands associated with digital media. Currently they are operating some of the most famous digital content brands including eHow and Cracked and their content is published in a number of websites including

The Top Paying Online Freelance Jobs

There are six types of Freelance online jobs that are very popular all around the world in terms of hourly wages and high earning potential. These jobs include Writing jobs, Translation jobs, Freelance Photography, Mobile apps development, Social media campaigns and Search Engine optimization (SEO) jobs. Those individuals who are skilled in these areas can

How to earn money online by selling photos on Shutterstock is a global marketplace for buying and selling high quality photos and videos. Shutterstock was launched in 2003 and their Headquarters is located in New York. So it’s been more than 10 years since they have been in this business having customers all over the world. They are currently operating in more than 150

How to earn money online as an Affiliate with ClickBank is one of the largest online marketplace for digital products and services. The network tends to connect the best digital content creators with affiliate marketers to promote buying and selling of digital products all over the world. The company has its Headquarters located in Boise, Idaho. Clickbank currently has over 100,000 active affiliate marketers

How to earn money online by doing tasks on Fiverr is a global market place where people sell their services for $5. These services are called “gigs” and thousands of gigs are posted on this great platform everyday by freelancers and skilled people. There are two types of users on this website, the ones who sell their services and the ones who buy those